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  1. January would be too late, the business ,to be effective, should have been done in the summer.
  2. 70's wasn't all roses either. The Keegan years were much better.
  3. The problem then is the players available have to hit the ground running, it's not ideal if we are already in a relegation battle with team spirit low. It is just bad planning all round. Rafa bleating on about not getting his main targets is garbage. Some of the names mentioned were never going to come in a million years. This year should have been a consolidation year in the Premiership, with players lined up to achieve just that. People's expectations of top ten were unrealistic. Its not just Ashley, Rafa should hold his hands up as well.
  4. Another bit of history for you as well, the Bastia fans were in the top level of the East Stand towards the Leazes End ringing cowbells. Listen and learn sonny.
  5. Really that's strange because it didn't have seats then.
  6. Jonny Repps 30 yarder into the net at the Leazes End, a wonder goal that was soundly applauded by NUFC fans even though it lost us the game. Were you there sonna?
  7. I can go back to the Bastia game at SJP, how far can you?
  8. Gazza was a football genius, looks like shite now, what a crying shame.
  9. Too busy getting worked up about who the next manager is going to be and another relegation, which could have easily been avoided.
  10. Hang on a sec........ Rafa has spent close to £120 million in his time here and tbh he hasn't spent well. It's a top Championship squad at best. Personally I think Rafa has bottled it and wants to leave, as he knows he won't get the type of cash he squandered at Liverpool. So by not signing anyone, he will turn round and say his hands were tied financially. Towel thrown in. Expected more from him but closely examining his previous managerial records he hasn't been as successful as people think.
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