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  1. I'd be over there myself for £12m, beats painting voids in Gateshead haha
  2. Canny jaunty back to Liverpool inbetween games though haha
  3. Achraf Lazaar and Henri Saivet also, we'll be challenging for Europe no problem
  4. What do you all make of Keys little dig?
  5. Well in terms of seeing us at our lowest ebb I guess I am! I was the beginning of the Keegan era. At home to Southend in 1992 was my 1st game
  6. I could just imagine Pardew sat there grinning like a Cheshire cat! I've got a feeling Ranieri though
  7. I'll be surprised if anyone in a job takes the Newcastle hotseat under this regime! It'll just be another yes man!
  8. All we can do is see what unfolds and hope for the best at the minute! It can't get any worse than it already is surely!?
  9. Well I think Rafa's statement said just about everything we already knew. Sad times! Fuck knows who's going to be willing to come into this mess, and who knows what our starting 11 will look like come the beginning of the season!
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