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  1. Sshh ....if you call our Dummett for being shit, people get all radge. Even though he was fucking terrible. Its hard to blame Dubravka too much, when he's behind a shit defence with the likes of Dummett in it, and there are clearly no coaching or tactics going on. Especially when we're down to 10 men after the kind of tackle/assault that NUFC fans would -rightly - be abusing the perpetrator for even years later.
  2. He got a 4 in the Times. He must have gotten 2 for tying his own laces like a big boy. His reading of the game is woeful, and his positional awareness is utter balls. But hey, he's a "local" lad, so he gets a bye. He's got to be the worst first XI left back in the league. Which is fitting, given that we have one of the worst managers, and a league position to match his ability. Bruce is not only one of the worst ever Premier League managers, but he's also of a different era, when "trying" was more important than ability, or coaching. He's fucking useless, but if there
  3. There's not a worse left back in the league.
  4. I'm not so sure. That's possibly above where he came from...... Also: oppst, fat fingers
  5. Anyone who believes a word sky sports says, or passes on their "stories" is a bigger cunt than Ashley. Sky have protected and promoted him, and reported his lies as stories. Don't post or repeat Sky Sports bollocks, or you're being the mugs that Fat Uncle Mike plays us for.
  6. Benitez was too good for nufc, Bruce is (in our heads) not good enough. But REALLY, he's the manager we deserve. We accepted Fat Uncle Mike and his fucking lunacy, we accept players in our squad who shouldn't be anywhere near the Prem - Welsh "Local Boy" Dummet being the obvious example - and we keep on accepting it. Steve Bruce has one of the worst records in this league ever. And he's not a premier League quality manager, that's a fact. But that's who we have. Because coming 17th is the aim. Although I fear Bruce won't be able to get 27th, as he's a genuinely cluele
  7. He's a player that had decent potential that he never lived up to. It's partly his fault, due to his lifestyle choices, but he was never going to be as good as we hoped he would. It's a shame he came back, because he's predominantly a useless crock now, but that's Fat Uncle Mike - thinking he knows what will be popular, but years behind the curve.
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