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  1. EastEnders-The Wedding

    The shows never been the same since Reg Cox died
  2. Recording Something From a BBC Audio Stream

    Ive done this using Goldwave which basically records whatever is going through your soundcard. It is available as a free download from www.goldwave.com Its canny easy to use, you just need to piss around with the levels.
  3. Toontastic 5-a-side

    Jesus - If this lang streek of piss got anywhere near the scoresheet there can only be one explanation
  4. Puerile but Brilliant

    Wank Web-Cam
  5. Song Help

    "The light at the end of the tunnel (is the light of an oncoming train)" - Half Man Half Biscuit
  6. What is your current occupation..?

    On N2? Im a project manager/ business analyst for the Inland Revenue. I preferred it when you were a barman at the Vallum, big fella - cheapest rounds I ever bought
  7. Song Help

  8. Hey up me old cock sparrows, help needed

    I once read that by rearranging the words in the title of a thread, you can determine its REAL meaning. I believe therefore that this is a cry for help from Bobby and we should call the RSPB

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