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  1. Unfunny fucking moronic, crater faced, alcoholic fucking prick.
  2. Ah 99' was a very good year! Anyway ... doesnt seem to be on puretna yet, only a matter of time though I guess if it's out there. Looks like the lass from Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps.
  3. How many? Can't imagine it being very high.
  4. Better than any of Emre's wank corners this season.
  5. And of course, you always look interested in your job, haven't you? Face it, Luque has been treated poorly, he's been hammered by the Ronnie Gill and the shoe-wavers believe in it.
  6. Due to lack of games and fucking piss-poor management by Roeder.
  7. Seems he has special crossing boots that he wears just for Europe. Should wear them more often.
  8. Edit: that smilie was if you were joking or not... Aye, I was joking.
  9. We'll stick with our other under-performing strikers then who have worked tremendously hard to get us into 17th place then.
  10. Or perhaps we should play him in the following 4/5 games and see what he is really capable of? His value can't plummet much more, Roeders handling is straight from the Souness guide to financial suicide. We have no fit strikers apart from Martins, and a kid on loan from Man U who's away back in 4 weeks. Common sense says give the kid a run, he at least knows where the goal is and by not leaving him languishing in the reserves, we might just boost his price up a bit if we flog him on in January. As it stands, he has minimal resale value.
  11. The root of all problems in a lot of fans' eyes. He's only been a major factor in my opinion in our fall from grace over the two years or so, hopefully he'll have already reached the pinnacle of fuck ups by appointing Souness and from now on in we'll see Freddy become the most insightful and highly acclaimed chairman in the country, I somehow doubt it though. What however he is most definitely not responsible for is the woeful, spineless capitulations by the team on the pitch during the many opportunities to lift a trophy we've had during his time at the helm of the club. How anybody
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