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  1. Logging in just to post this:
  2. Alan Smith

    I thought this day would never come!
  3. champions league

    Just had another look at the fixture list, you've got to fancy Arsenal to finish 3rd to be honest, they have by far the easiest run-in. Man City on Saturday was the only game you wouldn't expect them to win. Spurs' run-in looks pretty comfortable as well. At least most of Chelsea's remaining fixtures are quite tough.
  4. Ben Arfa's goal was ridiculously good. Can't wait to see it again. What a great day of football. Now come on Fulham!
  5. Swansea v Newcastle United Good Friday Kick Off 4.30pm

    Tell me about it. Must be frustrating being a Swansea supporter. I reckon the Swansea fans will love it. To be fair they've got a team who look very comfy on the ball and win posession back very well. It's a good basis. Most teams will go there with a superiority complex, play their own game, and come away pointless. Pardew played it perfectly though. Set us up just to close the angles and keep them at arms length. We were like a 6 foot brick shithouse keeping a 5 foot scrawn at bay with a fully extended arm and a palm on their forehead. As G man says, more teams will do it to them next year unless they can bring in some more creative frontline personell. I really like Brendan Rodgers. Not just a good manager, but comes across really well.
  6. NUFC vs QPR

    Should have watched in on a Chinese stream. The mugs commentating for Sky Sports are doing my head in. What kind of tackle is it going to take for them to stop praising QPR's fouls? Unbelievable. Best took his goal really well. Coloccini keeping it together for us at the back.
  7. Gary Speed - Rest in peace

    Words fail me - so many good memories of him. RIP.
  8. The Search for a Striker........Chapter 11

    Ameobi has signed a new contract according to Luke Edwards over on Twitter. Shola that is...
  9. Newcastle v Arsenal Sat 13th August Kick Off 5.30pm

    Any news on whether Tiote will be back in time?
  10. Kevin Nolan signs for West Ham United

    We all know about Nolan's deficits, but this is yet another bad move from Ashley. I can't see us replacing Nolan on the pitch in terms of goals from midfield next season, and he's obviously going to be significant loss in terms of his presence and influence off the pitch. I don't believe for a second he was asking for a huge contract either like the club would have us believe.
  11. Smith to West Ham?

    I don't think that's accurate, quite the opposite. A lot of people were sticking up for him all the time on the basis that he works hard and 'always gets stuck in'. I remember it well because it pissed me off right from the moment we signed him.
  12. Smith to West Ham?

    Dear God, make this come true. Please.
  13. Osama Bin Laden

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