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  1. I play Bass and Guitar, i know this game don't compare to the real thing, but it's still a quality game
  2. Yeah the step up on each of the difficultys is huge imo.. I've just completed medium. I think i'm gunna 5 star all the songs before i move onto Hard like.
  3. Seen him on Dragons Den the other day.. Fucking quality
  4. I can't believe i cancelled my order!!! Mind you, they've removed the price aswell... It's on the HMV to pre-order for 65 i think. My guess is Amazon have fucked up.
  5. Is there a site i can use to play a mate using endless play money? I'm using www.poker.com software and it gives you 500 credits in play money. Problem is as soon as you run out you have to wait until the next day to get 500 more, seems shite to me like. I just need somewhere that lets you have lots of play money and the function so you can play a mate on the same table. Just realised you dont have to wait 24 hours to get another 500 chips, you have to buy play money. What's the point in that?
  6. Just started playing this on the 360. Never thought it could be so addictive like. Tbh there doesn't seem like alot you have to learn. Saying that i've been mauled a fair few times like.
  7. I've just pre-ordered it. Do they take the money out once it is dispatched?? Or will they take it out straight away.
  8. 17, and it was sound.. All the years of 'exercise' with me hand must of improved me stamina etc... good 30+ minutes.. Comparing it to sex these days it was shite like.
  9. Played bass and guitar for about 7 years. Havn't got the will to play them any more really. Could just be going through a bit of a block like.
  10. Don't buy any games. PM Bluestar instead. He doesn't use this board does he? I know i have to buy a cartridge or some shit, but after that i'm lost. Oh and after i bought those this morning i decided it wasn't enough retail therapy and went out and bought Oblivion IV for the 360.. 'The hills have eyes' and 'Kung foo hustle'.. Mint. Fucking skint now like.
  11. White Nintendo DS Lite with 2 games for me lass, and Viva Pinata for moi.. Spot on.
  12. Melt the cheese in with the beans, put them on top, bit of salt and some brown sauce. Sorted.
  13. Her voice is fucking terrible in that Wicked fix Link that Top-Lass posted. Could of just been an off day but christ i wouldn't pay to hear that.
  14. I'll admit, i was hoping that it would mean something.. For some stupid reason i had a feeling that something was going to be announced. I normally don't listen to rumours, but i fell for this one Last fucking time i'm going to believe anything until i hear it from the club website, or a statement from club officials on the news.
  15. True. Another thing that gets me is, why would radio Newcastle disclose this information to somebody who runs a NUFC finance website? If they have been told then it would they would of probably been told to keep it quiet until tommorrow.
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