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  1. Great to see someone not bowing down to sponsor and locog pressures to pick someone purely to boost revenues. Good curevball Psycho. No doubt he (Beckham) will still be hanging around like stale fart trying to steal limelight during it instead of playing for his contracted club in the MLS whilst the tournament is on.
  2. Going off that picture.... Don't use a Kronenbourg glass or any other glass with the stuff that makes it fizzy in the bottom man. Impairs the taste, not supposed to be fizzed up as it's been drunk.
  3. I think Weihenstephan and Franziskaner are nicer, more like Erdinger than Hoegaarden. The former comes in a bottle with a green label. Not available everywhere but is in some supermarkets, Asda Gosforth being one. The latter you can get in Tesco Kingston Park: The Schneider Weiss brewery also makes some fine weisse biers, only place I can think of that sells them is Rehills in Jesmond though. Could drink Wheat beer until the cows come home like, absolutely adore the stuff.
  4. heard mixed reviews... one mate said its bollocks (asked for a bottle of larger - cost 6 quid) another mate said its THE bollocks (great booze apparently) It's expensive if you don't get Brewdog stuff as it's all imported/random bottles from all over. Not a place to go unless you're into your ales/fancy dan shit. Was £3.70 for a pint of Punk IPA, very nice it was too. Got pinball and board games and all that n all.
  5. Food at the Welly has gone downhill since it became Chef & Brewer. If you're wanting a good food pub round that neck of the woods try the Manor House, Feathers & The Rat Inn. To those who menionted the Boathouse, The Bull further up in Wylam is canny too.
  6. EDL That picture man. GERLD as they say down the road.
  7. Hoon

    Holidays 2012

    I've not been but I'd have though you'd want a fair wedge of coin for your spending money over there. It's not cheap anyway and there is a never ending list of things to do. Be worth every penny mind but you'd probably be better off somewhere off and having a shorter break if finances are tight. Worth looking into flying in to one airport / out on another too, works out more or less the same price if it's with the same airline e.g. KLM/Air France from NCL
  8. Hoon

    Holidays 2012

    Assuming you're from UK. Flights = £350-400 14 nts at £20 hostel bed = £280 Plus all your travel when you're there and you're spending money.
  9. Hoon


    servicaixa.es should sell tickets. I bought Atletico ones off there. Tickets become more available closer to the time though. Stay in or around the Sol / La Latina / Opera triangle of Metro stops. Enjoy, it's a lush place.
  10. Big, big fan of Argentine football like even if the standard is for the most part erratic as best. Clausura last year was dire, do you think Racing will progress now that Simeone has left? His football was far too cautious. Can you keep Gio y Teo? Would love to go back to Argentina and visit The Cilindro, heard many say it's the best for atmosphere over there. Until then, Dale Tomba!
  11. I have and do stop in hostels loads. 9.5/10 hostels are canny, especially if they have a bar attached. Might meet some fine young fillies if you're lucky n all.
  12. Hoon


    It's this kind of thing. Note: that is not me.
  13. Hoon

    CT's Flounce Tag

    I don't care, I'm pleased I got banned because it's full of out of town kids who used to arselick me and had nee patter. Whereas people are more ready to say pipe down and have generally got personalities on here. Whether people like it or not, there is a classic NO poster image, it involves clearasil, geps, underweight X Factor watchers, although I'm sure it doesn't apply to every single one. There must be 10 people on here now who have been banned off there. class.
  14. This would be class n all if it gets built... Roof the same design as their badge
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