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  1. And I will happily tie you to the track infront of it
  2. Well I now know and try to steer (not pun intended) clear of them.
  3. Driving along the M180 behind a transporter with about 6 BMW's on it, I pulled out to overtake just as the driver swerved violently to avoid something (not me) and the mechanism holding the last car on snapped and the car came off the back of the transporter at speed. Felt very lucky not to have been behind it as I had been15 seconds before. Oh also driving on the A1079 home from the last match of the season. Two deer came out of the bushes and tried to killed themselves using my car. I ended up facing the wrong way on the road. Just as well it was quiet and didn't cause a major acc
  4. You can take your turkey and stuff it.
  5. We are having home made curry for Christmas lunch with Christmas pudding and brandy sauce for tea. We are still having Christmas crackers mind. I am sure I read somewhere that Santa's suit was actually green and Coke changed it to red for marketing purposes.
  6. Going for a CT scan tomorrow better take my cheque book with me!
  7. We are one of the "big five" i.e. we fund it and they can't kick us out. Saw some of last night's performances they were an eye opener (and not in a good way) but that's Eurovision. That cake one was quite catchy shame it didn't get through.
  8. Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.
  9. Seabiscuit (loved the book too) Glory Memphis Belle
  10. Ah my one away home game of the season (I can walk to the ground). We had better win or I am pulling a sickie for work on Monday. 0 2
  11. I live in the East Riding of Yorkshire.........However I can walk to the match on Saturday So its my home away game
  12. Don't actually live in 'ULL you know.
  13. About £105,000 I have work done to it!
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