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  1. I like Dusky. I saw them play at Xoyo last year (October maybe?) - Thought they were decent. I like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDXtwAuTXoU
  2. noaliasmike

    CV Help

    Wasn't really sure where to put this. I'm looking for some help with my CV. Does anyone know of any websites that provide good examples, or anything that recommend the best ways to structure one? I work in IT if there is anything out there specifically tailored towards that profession.
  3. I'll never get tired of watching that gif. The quick glance back at the camera before the jazz hands kills me
  4. I've had this before. Received a phone call from the receptionist telling me my doctor wanted to discuss my blood test results with me in person. Oh, and by the way, the next available appointment is in 3 days time. Cue 3 days of me panicking that I'm dieing only to be told everything is absolutely fine! Twats.
  5. Sorry to hear that MF, hope you get better soon.
  6. Remember seeing that live and almost shitting my pants.
  7. The first I ever heard about these Radley bags was a couple weeks ago when a girl at work was boasting about hers. I thought she'd just given the name 'Radley' to one of the little mutts on it. In all fairness it's the sort of 'zany' thing she would do. Turns out this shit is actually a big deal!
  8. I'm sure this has been long forgotten about, but it is indeed Dr Watson
  9. Thanks that's really useful. Piss sticks though, I'm looking at a 400-600 hit every time I want to do a bit of bloody exercise! I honestly don't think I can manage any more food than I am doing.
  10. I apologise, I suspect some of you have been coming back daily hoping for an update from me so let me bring you all up to speed. After posting back in January 2012 I tried to change too much too fast and quickly gave up CT style. However, I picked this up again in March this year but this time I made slow and gradual changes to my diet and by the middle of June I had managed to put on just shy of a stone. My target was a 1 stone increase so I'm delighted with that. Then my scales broke; not because of my increased weight mind, probably because they're shit, so I'm not actually sure whe
  11. That's right. Ideally I wanted a full blown GPS chip but the technology is just too big for cats at the minute. The loc8or chip along with the waterproof container fits on the collar without being awkward for the boy, although it's still slightly larger than I would like. Speak of the devil the little bugger's just walked through the door so I've taken a snap so you can see how big it is: I think it's great though and does exactly what we need it to do, although I must point out that where we live there are lots of fields, bushes and trees which the loc8or handles with ease
  12. We purchased a locator chip for our cat's collar recently. Young Horatio has a habit of wandering off into the distance if it gets any later than 11pm. Unfortunately he's not very good at being able to find his way back and we've been very lucky in the past to get him back when he's ended up over 4 miles away. The tracker is great though - It starts beeping frantically when we're within 100m of him at which point the little shit's hauled in for the night. GPS technology for cats seems to be getting there too - I'm tempted.
  13. Think I read somewhere yesterday that he's going to snub a move to West Ham in favour of fighting for his place at Liverpool. Good luck to him with that... 15 mil is silly money to be spending on a player of his calibre and the problems that come with him anyway. That money could be spent much more wisely elsewhere.
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