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  1. thanks for the link , appreciated
  2. But its the second mouse that gets the cheese...
  3. Strange really, Benitez sold him in the first place for £8 mil plus a player (allegedly), and now is going to eat humble pie and try to buy him back for a sum in excess of £15 mil just to pander to the whims of the board. I always thought that Rafa was his own man!
  4. I vote for The Fat Man, just remember, GS was a Freddie signing, no one wanted him but FS, he must stand up and be counted for this.
  5. He's so much up his own arse that he can't see he is making a fool of himself
  6. I don't give a f*ck they get paid millions. If it was up to me it would be legal to kneecap arsehole players who f*ck fans about. 17418[/snapback] They get paid what they can get and you'd do exactly the same if you could. I'm serious, this club has a f*cking shroud of gloom hanging over it. It's only the fans who ultimately can lift it. The players will move on but your club is what you make it. At the moment, most of the negativity is coming from this side of the white line. 17434[/snapback] FFS we are nearly into our fourth game this season, we have had one shot on target, now I call THAT negativity