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  1. I'm even more optimistic about NUSC having read these few posts.
  2. I like Phil the legend Collins. Although I don't feel guilty over it.
  3. I know that man, my response was an afterthought to the ridiculous ideas some have that Shearer doesn't really love the club. I've seen your vids 2J, I know what he means to you
  4. I think there are a few more nasty days in store for us just yet I fear.
  5. "There is only one club I'd leave Blackburn for - Newcastle United" Alan Shearer 1994 Ask a Rovers fan about that and ask about the time Shearer basically confirmed he wouldn't be playing for Blackburn for his full career when he said before he retires he wants to play for Newcastle United. (An answer to a question in their match day programme I think) This was said back in 93 not long after he signed for them IIRC. Whenever Blackburn faced us at St. James' Park he'd stay behind to stay with family and on the night time jump in his care and drive around St. James' Park a few times. As a kid he was a Toon fanatic and playing football all he ever wanted to do one day was score goals for the team he supported. When he broke Wor Jackie's record the look on his face was sheer pride. The man loves this club probably far more than any of us on here ever will. I fucking hate it when people cast doubt on such things based on fuck all.
  6. They'll do what Freddy Shepherd, Mike Ashley and all the other owners did, spend their own money. The running of the club I imagine would be funded by turnover the way it has always been funded and no doubt will continue to be regardless of ownership.
  7. Well if they are all 15 and under I guess they won't remember him. The lack of respect on there for what KK did for us the first two times shocked me. It stretches to Shearer too. Ok HTT, now I understand why you dragged up a three week old post on N-O and even then part quoted it to make it look more 'sacriligious'. You are trying to fit in here...be part of the crowd (belatedly). Well fuck you mate. Shearer didn't want to be Newcastle manager at that time, he didn't want to be involved when Keegan offered him a role, the only job he's interested in right now is sitting alongside a bunch of smug cunts like Lawrenson and Hansen in a tv studio. If you want to paint that as being 'disrespectful' then that's your choice. Let me re-iterate my appreciation for JFK though. He wanted the job. That's a start. That particular thread had a "new" button next to it so I clicked it and it went straight to your post believe it or not. Your comments forced me to respond there and then otherwise I'd have read through the entire thread or skipped it. I didn't realise it was a few weeks old, although even if I did I'd still have replied. My point still stands though. Even now you're displaying unwarranted cynicism towards Shearer. And then using that to somehow big up Joe Kinnear who let me remind you is here for 2 reasons only - the money and to salvage his career - is pathetic to be honest with you. Keegan didn't offer him a role per se either, he said the two can discuss the idea and they did. Just because he didn't join KK doesn't mean he turned anything down though or doesn't want to work for the club now or in the future much less prove or hint that, well, he mustn't really love the club after all which you're implying which is bollocks and you know it. I have no problems with you showing your appreciation for Kinnear by the way, I quite like the man myself and hope he does a fantastic job which not only helps us but himself too because the game could do with people like him in it, realists who know a thing or two about good old fashioned values and honesty in a game with not an awful lot left. You're not the only member of N.O who regards Shearer with cynicism and suspicion though hence my comment in this thread about it stretching to Big Al and not just KK and I won't lie I not only find it strange but some of the more critical and cynical views rather pathetic. These two people in particular have done an awful lot more for the club than anyone alive outside of Sir John Hall and shouldn't have anything to prove to people much less this criticism and cynicism being used to somehow big up the likes of Joe Kinnear who doesn't and never will hold a candle to KK or Shearer. By all means big up Kinnear, although he's done nowt to justify being bigged up really (in my opinion), but don't put down true legends of the club in doing so man.
  8. Too right though as he's the reason KK walked, or rather his sale was. If only we'd never had signed him in the first place, KK would still be here. I blame Sir Bobby.
  9. As far as I can tell the major issue people have with NUSC is a difference in opinion over a difference in opinion. What worries me is that these differences in opinion (from both sides) which are getting stronger with every passing day it seems will kill any chance of a successful supporters club emerging at a period in time when we as fans need to be united with one another more than ever off the pitch. United as one another behind our club isn't an issue, that goes without saying and is in force every single match day home or away. If not all singing from the same *hymn sheet exactly we are all very much behind our club and always will be - agreed? Getting back to opinions. I don't want or really need my opinion represented by anyone or to be rubber stamped officially by a group to be perfectly honest. Opinions are free and open and I quite like being able to change mine any time I like without having to double check to see if that's OK with others or to see what others are thinking. Opinions shouldn't have to be so rigid and conclusive anyway. When you do it can be dangerous. NUSC being so obviously anti-Ashley wrongly or rightly is all well and good today, but what if he can't sell the club or decides, you know what I think I'll stick around. Then what? I'm also secure enough in myself to not get upset when the media for example claim ALL Newcastle fans want KK back (for example) even though this particular Newcastle fan doesn't. I'd rather not get bogged down in semantics like that to be honest when there are more pressing issues needed addressed, resolved or solved. And those issues? Our rights and real issues that effect us. That's what NUSC should be all about in my opinion - representing our rights and any real issues that effect us or may affect us and not opinions and views. That's what needs championed above fans' opinions. We have our forums, fanzines, personal websites, blogs, mates and the pub to air our opinions and views and it needs to stay that way otherwise you run the risk of alienating people and taking sides. To be a true supporters club you have to be inclusive to all. At current NUSC is only really open to those that share the same opinion as the founders and current members. The trading standards don't exist to get me to buy this or that, they exist to protect my rights when it comes to buying or indeed selling. That's what NUSC needs to become to all fans of Newcastle United - like what the trading standards is to consumers and businesses. Regarding the club itself, it is early days and Peasepud who I believe is an active member will no doubt take all this feedback to the other members and I'm sure between them all a happy medium will be found and lets not forget these things will take time to take off, any new enterprise will go through teething troubles. I hope for all our sake NUSC doesn't disband because I personally think this has the potential to be a very positive thing in all our lives as fans of Newcastle United and indeed for the club too so best of luck with it and I urge people not to be too hard on it or let a few difference of opinion put you off for good. *Living proof that those with a difference of opinion can be united behind a common cause, the cause of course should be the rights of fans and the issues that effects us and not just what effects our club which in the main is totally out of our hands and some would argue just as well.
  10. I'm not surprised Spurs haven't really kicked on due to all the comings and goings on the pitch and in the dugout. Instability is the killer of all plans and ambitions regardless of how well executed they may be or how good the players and manager really are. We've known that for years of course. Spurs are also proof that structured multi-layered management doesn't really work. I'm more than certain Ramos is or has been working with one hand tied behind his back. I'm not saying he's being undermined or anything like that but he can't quite make the critical changes or decisions needed to make them a success if he doesn't quite control every aspect of the club. He's clearly a good manager but will fail at Spurs.
  11. Well if they are all 15 and under I guess they won't remember him. The lack of respect on there for what KK did for us the first two times shocked me. It stretches to Shearer too.
  12. Good shout. Dalglish signed us some good value for money players among the dross he bought such as Nobby, Shay, Speed, Dabizas to an extent and even Hamann who was fantastic in his brief spell here and of course has since proved very good value for money elsewhere.
  13. David Kelly? A few hundred thousand wasn't it. Shay Given, Peter Beardsley and Rob Lee as others have mentioned surely rank up there. Or how about Hughie Gallagher for a cool £10,000? Alan Shearer worked out at £1.5m a season - that's value for money. For me however I'd rate Andy Cole as our best buy pound for pound. £1.75m for all those goals and many many wins based on those goals? I'm slightly biased because he was my first footballing hero but while he was here he was nothing short of sensational and he played a huge part in our successful transition from a promotion new boy to a top-flight big boy, arguably as big a part as any outside of Sir John Hall and Kevin Keegan. We also made a massive profit on him too. Going off topic for a moment, looking around the game today there doesn't seem to be any future Andy Cole's around does there, strikers from the lower leagues who can score lots of goals in the top-flight and develop into top-class players along the way. I don't know what that says about the game or the spread of talent or whether there is a window to give talent like that a rare opportunity but I find it rather sad in many ways. Back in his day you had several strikers like him such as Collymore, Sir Les, Ian Wright etc. - strikers who all started out at lower level going on to score top-flight goals consistently and gaining international recognition. Cole proved he wasn't a one-off or the right man in the right place at the right time by scoring goals wherever he went. I'll tell you what, I wouldn't mind another player like him at our club. Plucked from obscurity and turning into gold. With such players you get a bigger sense of achievement and more satisfaction watching play/bang the goals in if you ask me.
  14. That's a daft argument tbh. You're making out like Ameobi has been selected as our first-choice striker when in reality he has only really become that due to the injuries and managerial incompetence in the transfer market during the last few years. He has always been a squad striker and now that Owen has committed himself (for the time being), we've signed Viduka and Martins isn't looking to go anywhere soon, he will once again be a squad striker. And he has shown himself more than capable in that department, standing in towards the end of season 2005-06 and at the start of last season to good effect by chipping in with goals which is what you described previously as all you care about and not whether he's a 100% professional or a nice guy. I personally think Ameobi's career to date can't really be judged fairly or objectively. Earlier on in his career there was always Shearer, Bellamy and then Shearer, Kluivert and Bellamy, followed by Shearer and Owen blocking his path. As a result the vast bulk of Ameobi's appearances came as a sub late on in games or the odd appearance here or there and when he did get a game he was often paired with a partner who wasn't exactly suited to his game. Furthermore he's had various troublesome injuries to contend with over the years such as his hip. And lets not forget some of the clueless managers he's had managing him (left wing under Souness?) and the struggling team behind him charged with setting him up with chances. It is no wonder he's not really produced anything of note in all the years. And when he does finally step out of Shearer's shadow and gets a decent run of games? He actually started scoring goals, until that hip started giving him jip again of course. And now he finds himself back at square one - a squad striker. Say what you will about his first touch, his goals to appearances record or his style of play - it has been at times almost impossible for him to make a mark and I think these contributing factors often get overlooked as his critics go for the obvious and in the case of your quoted 'point' Jimbo, the plain daft. I'll answer your question for what it's worth: Any club who lost their main strikers to injury and were unable to or incompetent in the transfer market to replace them, that's who. BTW I'm not his biggest fan either, he's an average player who ideally, would be replaced in the squad by an infinetly better player but we are not Chelsea or Man Utd and have to get the best out of what we have until we are in such a position, and he is good enough as a squad player for this current squad, anyone who thinks otherwise plainly hasn't a clue. In my opinion of course.
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