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  1. I'm even more optimistic about NUSC having read these few posts.
  2. I like Phil the legend Collins. Although I don't feel guilty over it.
  3. I know that man, my response was an afterthought to the ridiculous ideas some have that Shearer doesn't really love the club. I've seen your vids 2J, I know what he means to you
  4. I think there are a few more nasty days in store for us just yet I fear.
  5. "There is only one club I'd leave Blackburn for - Newcastle United" Alan Shearer 1994 Ask a Rovers fan about that and ask about the time Shearer basically confirmed he wouldn't be playing for Blackburn for his full career when he said before he retires he wants to play for Newcastle United. (An answer to a question in their match day programme I think) This was said back in 93 not long after he signed for them IIRC. Whenever Blackburn faced us at St. James' Park he'd stay behind to stay with family and on the night time jump in his care and drive around St. James' Park a few times.
  6. They'll do what Freddy Shepherd, Mike Ashley and all the other owners did, spend their own money. The running of the club I imagine would be funded by turnover the way it has always been funded and no doubt will continue to be regardless of ownership.
  7. Well if they are all 15 and under I guess they won't remember him. The lack of respect on there for what KK did for us the first two times shocked me. It stretches to Shearer too. Ok HTT, now I understand why you dragged up a three week old post on N-O and even then part quoted it to make it look more 'sacriligious'. You are trying to fit in here...be part of the crowd (belatedly). Well fuck you mate. Shearer didn't want to be Newcastle manager at that time, he didn't want to be involved when Keegan offered him a role, the only job he's interested in right now is sitting alon
  8. Too right though as he's the reason KK walked, or rather his sale was. If only we'd never had signed him in the first place, KK would still be here. I blame Sir Bobby.
  9. As far as I can tell the major issue people have with NUSC is a difference in opinion over a difference in opinion. What worries me is that these differences in opinion (from both sides) which are getting stronger with every passing day it seems will kill any chance of a successful supporters club emerging at a period in time when we as fans need to be united with one another more than ever off the pitch. United as one another behind our club isn't an issue, that goes without saying and is in force every single match day home or away. If not all singing from the same *hymn sheet exactly we are
  10. I'm not surprised Spurs haven't really kicked on due to all the comings and goings on the pitch and in the dugout. Instability is the killer of all plans and ambitions regardless of how well executed they may be or how good the players and manager really are. We've known that for years of course. Spurs are also proof that structured multi-layered management doesn't really work. I'm more than certain Ramos is or has been working with one hand tied behind his back. I'm not saying he's being undermined or anything like that but he can't quite make the critical changes or decisions needed to make
  11. Well if they are all 15 and under I guess they won't remember him. The lack of respect on there for what KK did for us the first two times shocked me. It stretches to Shearer too.
  12. Good shout. Dalglish signed us some good value for money players among the dross he bought such as Nobby, Shay, Speed, Dabizas to an extent and even Hamann who was fantastic in his brief spell here and of course has since proved very good value for money elsewhere.
  13. David Kelly? A few hundred thousand wasn't it. Shay Given, Peter Beardsley and Rob Lee as others have mentioned surely rank up there. Or how about Hughie Gallagher for a cool £10,000? Alan Shearer worked out at £1.5m a season - that's value for money. For me however I'd rate Andy Cole as our best buy pound for pound. £1.75m for all those goals and many many wins based on those goals? I'm slightly biased because he was my first footballing hero but while he was here he was nothing short of sensational and he played a huge part in our successful transition from a promotion new boy t
  14. That's a daft argument tbh. You're making out like Ameobi has been selected as our first-choice striker when in reality he has only really become that due to the injuries and managerial incompetence in the transfer market during the last few years. He has always been a squad striker and now that Owen has committed himself (for the time being), we've signed Viduka and Martins isn't looking to go anywhere soon, he will once again be a squad striker. And he has shown himself more than capable in that department, standing in towards the end of season 2005-06 and at the start of last season to
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