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  1. id say 8th is the best we can hope for.
  2. He's good on the Newsnight late review as unlike half the people on their he isn't a pretentious, smug prick who talks bollocks all the time! 34880[/snapback] you want to d/l his podcasts from itunes(free). basically his reviews with all the news and shit cut out. great listening. he used to have his own movie picks on channel 4 late nights about 5 or 6 years back. some cracking cult films like the warriors and last broadcast that i'd of never known about but for him. i know what you mean about newsnight review. tom paulin does my head in.
  3. think kermode is reviewing it next friday on five live(simon mayo's show). he's the only movie critic i listen to.
  4. pearce has spent a few years as a coach though, preparing for management. he didnt go straight from playing to managing. though people forget he did manage forest for awhile back in the mid nineties.
  5. Luke Young has matured into a very good rightback. understandable selection given how badly johnson played against denmark.
  6. heh, yeah, we didnt really think of the possiblity that he could be an everton fan. but then everton are pretty forgettable really, so it's understandable.
  7. i'd imagine most would've heard of emre. and anyone that watches the spanish football on sky would've heard of luque.
  8. tbh, i'd say it was a bit of a no brainer to get owen rather than keep cisse. liverpool arent exactly light in strikers, but there's no one there that'd i'd say is a stick on for 15+ goals a season. morientes i thought would be, but hasnt looked like he's adjusted to the game over here yet, or perhaps just needs a more settled partner. cisse just too erratic and i'd imagine he's a knightmare to try and play with. crouch we've yet to see if he's gonna be found out or that spell of form last season was him maturing into a excellent player. i dont really see how liverpool are gonna afford owe
  9. tbh, they have the ultimate comeback of being european champions. we'd just end up looking foolish trying to have pops at them.
  10. amazed parkers not in there.
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