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  1. It doesn't appear to be on the telly but it is scheduled to be shown live on ESPN360.com which may only be in the USA, not sure about Canada. yeah, you can watch it in the US on ESPN360.com provided your ISP is not a bitch about letting you use espn360. Otherwise, you can always catch a feed on ustream.tv or nufcradio.tk. I'm in the US too, and will watch it on espn360 meself.
  2. They get paid every week as long as they are contracted to the club I think
  3. then there were chants of ... 'Are you Sunderland in disguise??' ... Priceless!
  4. We were all over the place after the first goal ... need to sort that out immediately!
  5. So did Cort, and dare I say it Marcelino!
  6. yeah, the ball's already past him I guess
  7. Bull! Bull! Bull! ... people come up with all sorts of stupid stories ...!
  8. We never replaced him with someone as good, did we? Btw, surely now we must SELL before we BUY or Fred's gonna cough up more cash?!
  9. There's a few I made for me old site ... check 'em oot Toon Wallpapers
  10. Agreed. If he can't do it with this group of players, he can't do it at all!
  11. It was a lucky guess in terms of the name. But my theory was spot on. If we'd not signed Emre, Parker & Luque, I don't think Owen would have even considered us. 22856[/snapback] Even if we'd been in Europe? .. Think not
  12. Its amazing what ridiculous prices WE have to pay others and yet when we sell the same players, we don't get half of that
  13. How wonderful would that be ... if Owen n Luque get crocked, we're back to square one!
  14. Razz

    First XI

    I sure hope so. I have a feeling he might Luque a start on the left in Robert's place.
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