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  1. I wouldn't bank on it... Every game will be like a cup final to those teams.
  2. Well Monday night will prove what kind of manager Shearer is. IMHO Shearer cost us 2 points on Saturday by playing that clown... Will he be stubborn and play him again in a weeks time?
  3. It would be unbearable with us and Boro in the Championship and the Mackems in the Premiership!!!
  4. This is more like it; Brilliant :-) Look at that goal difference :-) ...and technically - we can still qualify for the champions league!
  5. It'll take 10 minutes man! The porn sites will still be there when you have finished ;-)
  6. Howay man... do the predictor!
  7. Thats way too close for comfort!
  8. Shite! Thanks for that - pulled in the wrong table :-) Useless cnut!
  9. I've tried to be as unbiased and honest as I can and I get these results.... 12 Sunderland 43 13 Blackburn 40 14 Fulham 39 15 Portsmouth 38 16 Newcastle 37 17 Hull 36 18 Stoke 35 19 Middlesborough 31 20 West Brom 24 Bloody close!!!!! http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/e...tor/default.stm Lets see what you get.
  10. You're right... I can't remember the last time I was looking forward to going to the match. At the moment it's like a chore. I've paid so I suppose I'll have to go.
  11. I'd like peoples opinion on what Newcastle is worth now versus what it would be worth in the championship. Lets say it is worth around £230M now. If it worth £180M or so in the championship - it would be costing MA £50 to send us the biggest f*ck off message imaginable. If he is clever - he wouldn't publicly say "I'll teach the f*ckers to cross me" - he'll just orchestrate our downfall.
  12. If the horrible cheating b@stards would stop falling over like they had been shot whenever a Newcastle player gets within 10 feet of them we may have a game of football.
  13. Wolves... Pathetic fans - booing Newcastle every time we touched the ball (for the whole game) in the cup game 4 or 5 years back.
  14. Only costs £25 to take someone to small claims (and you get that back if you win). I did it to Ticketline when they sent me 2 tickets either side of an aisle rather than next to each other... They paid up the next day! Just go to moneyclaim.gov.uk - takes 5 minutes!
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