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  1. Sunderland and Wigan with two golden oppertunites to drop us right in the mire. Of course that brings its own pressure on those teams. No doubt Wigan can handle it, got to hope its too much for the mackems. Astonishing its coming down to this.
  2. We're out the bottom three on goal difference, potentially in it by kick off. Nine games to go. We need to be winning football matches and we need to have our best footballers playing. Simple as that. Owen, regardless of his match fitness, needs to be starting. Martins up front on his own... we'll never see the ball. Same as last week, just when you manage to convince yourself that the team can get a positive result out of a game, Houghton manages to crush your hopes in one team selection (witness the ludicrous decision to play Geremi at Hull).
  3. If by a man’s work shall you know him, then you are a steaming great pile of horse manure
  4. Aye. I'm sure Freddie and Glen have one last gasp panic you've never heard of him X million pounds unsuitable for the Premiership that we'll never get rid of signing up their sleeves.. maybe even two. We might even lose a player in the deals, obviously depending on how time's getting on.
  5. That's what our defending does to you. 187753[/snapback] Our fullbacks need changing, not our centrebacks. 187756[/snapback] Yes, Bramble obviously fancies Babayaro, that's why he can't concentrate when latter is on the pitch... 187770[/snapback] No Premiership team with any intent on trying to win trophy's or consistently challenge for European competion would let Titus Bramble anywhere near there defence IMO. I would have happily had Woodgate at NUFC even if he was only going to play 10 games if it meant 10 games without Bramble playing. It conc
  6. I see Anal Obnoxious in today's Evening Comical is saying that it is his 'understanding' that Martin O'Neil has NEVER been offered the Newcastle United managers position. (Its part of the story where he's trying to make a drama out of Allardyce's comments re Roeders coaching badges). And he expects O'Neil to confirm this when he breaks his silence after the appointment as the England manager, dont know if that's to Anal personally over tea and biscuits. Strange how a couple of months ago (sure it was a Saturday) he ran a front and back page 'exclusive' saying that O'Neil was a cert for the
  7. Well Roeder has certainly done an excellent job so far, transformed us from relegation candidates to a team with chance of qualify for Europe, dropped Boumsong and has shown willingness to trust young potential such as N'Zogbia, Pattison etc. Got us winning the games against the mid-table trash we should be beating (apart from Charlton!). But, like most of us during the dark days I used to wonder what Shepherd was thinking of when he appointed Souness, after all, what had he done in his previous managerial career to suggest he could ever turn a Premiership club into a team constantly compe
  8. apparently Chelsea are to appeal against Boumsong's red card.
  9. Howay man, he'd just got us back in the game and you're basically having a go at him for celebrating the goal. 108263[/snapback] Not so much with Shola celebrating the goal, although he did seem to be very pleased with himself. I was just saying that as far as I was concerned I dont see the fact that none of his team mates celebrated with him to be much of an issue. Perhaps they just wanted to get on with the rest of the game, we weren't playing very well and still losing after all. Sometimes we can be too quick to read something sinister in something totally harmless.
  10. whilst shola was off dancing round the corner flag like he'd just scored the winner in the cup final, his team mates were quite rightly getting back to the half way line ready to carry on getting themselves out of the mess that their previous forty minutes worth of effort (or lack of) had got them in. nothing too shocking in it as far as I'm concerned. we were still a goal behind and there was a game to be getting on with.
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