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  1. Maybe so, but there's only 3 changes from the Palace match.
  2. I'd like to see Rafa push the boat out with an audacious stroke against Leicester using most of his new signings as starters. Wot do you lot think. Dubravka Yedlin Lascells Fernandez Dummett Ritchie Shelvey Ki Murphy Mutu Rondon Perez has been piss poor this season, and so has Kenedy, Diame is up and down like a yo-yo. Bench. Atsu Schar Joselu Clark Elliot
  3. Sorta agree with that except for the inclusion of Perez who didn't add any strength to the team. I would have liked to have seen Mutu given a start in his place, he may be a surprise package given more playing time. Not sure about Diame either, maybe Ki might have something more to offer. He's partnered Shelvey before and he's got Premier league experience. As for Kenedy ……………………………………..……………………………………..FFS.
  4. Well at least it wasn't another loss but there wasn't much credit in the draw other than some good and desperate defending. We have a winner in Fernandez. Kenedy needs to be sent to rehab, all promise, no show, zero effectiveness. Shelvey's distribution was less than respectable. Shite, shit, poo, crap, dung, in one word, Diame. Perez, your comments will suffice. Tin-hat on, prepared for barrage.
  5. You know, there's the talk and odd comments that we have the same team as last season, but that's far from true. With Schar, Fernandez, Mutu, Ki, and Rondon added it's hardly the same team. I think what is happening is that we are basically seeing the same team as not all the new additions are being used. I can't help but wonder why Rafa has not given Rondon more playing time and is persisting with Joselu.
  6. Boycotts

    To boycott has its merits, but only if it's huge enough to where it has a significant impact on revenue intake. A one time boycott of maybe 10 to 15 thousand fans is not enough, it needs to be at least 30 to 35 thousand and not just a one-time no show. A one-time boycott wouldn't bring any kind of success against a joker like Ashley, to him it would be like a drop in the ocean. A repetitious boycott week after week might get attention but how could you get the fans to do that.
  7. 1st Half: Not too bad a display, goodly amount of possession, had worries about Rafa's starting eleven, Arse'n'all were there to be beaten. 2nd Half: Self destruct from the kick-off, dismal & depressing, Rafa stayed with his starters too long, he should have made changes earlier. Comment: Joselu-joselu where the fuck were you. Convince me we are not relegation fodder. Perez-perez yer lightweight I sez.
  8. I won't argue and I won't check your time frame but...……..my daughter lives in Estill Springs, Tennessee and I flew to Nashville in July to visit her. The flight from Los Angeles to Nashville was 4:05 hours going and 4:25 hours coming back. A flight from Los Angeles, California to Heathrow, London takes 10 hours. Hard to believe it takes 10 hours from Nashville to London but I'll take your word for it.
  9. Don't know why they wouldn't be fit, they probably travel 1st Class and can sleep at will. Yedlin's second game was in Nashville, Tennessee which can't be much more than 5 - 6 hours to the UK, and Yedlin only played about the last 10 minutes of the match. Rondon played 90 minutes and I'm not sure exactly where his game was and how far away in flight hours. I think there is unnecessary emphasis on lack of fitness due to international games and travel.
  10. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    Mike Ashley like old Wild West paleface, speak with forked tongue, make false promises to NUFC and now House of Frazer. Need scalp'um pronto.
  11. I see Rondon scored 2 against Panama.
  12. Rafa Benitez

    Nitro scores again for his country, perhaps Rafa should have done better man-management and instruction. I see Crouch is knocking Rafa's man-management when he was at Liverpool. Perhaps Rafa is a bit rigid in his tactics.
  13. Alexandar Mitrovic

    Wot kind of shit pray tell 247? I've seen some extra-thin shit on occasion, especially when you've got the runs.
  14. Since when did someone in Canada become a 'yank'?
  15. Miracles are not on our agenda, but for some fleeting moments I thought they might be. Some consolation I suppose in the score against us being kept at 2. Rondon is a huge improvement on what we had, or have. I think the lauded Kenedy is becoming a liability; Atsu isn't much better. Unfortunately Lascelles pass to Sterling cost us dearly. In the dying minutes we were quite wasteful with the ball when we could have maybe nicked a point.

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