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  1. Premier League Suspended Until 3rd April

    Boo-hoo I can't live without my football. It's the only passion left in my dwindling life. What am I going to do now? Women don't flock to me anymore like they used to so no diversion there. HELP.
  2. Hessenhoosenwoahyafucka's lads v Newcastle FC

    Not sure about him being the worst in a B&W shirt. Ritchie and Manquillo would be in the running to be the worst. Missing a penalty doesn't count, Ritchie had a less than par day despite that, and Manquillo was under par.
  3. Hessenhoosenwoahyafucka's lads v Newcastle FC

    That's a good question. While at Spurs I saw Rose as an attacking full-back, not afraid of and capable of getting forward, and getting crosses in. At Southampton on Saturday, with them having only 10 men for a long period of time, I would have thought Rose would have had a field day going forward.
  4. Hessenhoosenwoahyafucka's lads v Newcastle FC

    Of course I'm happy with the 3 points, but I'm not happy we couldn't have done better against 10 men. This was a golden opportunity to enhance our goal difference which could cost us dearly at some point. Missed sitters, missed penalty, some poor passing, and points could have gone doon the netty towards the end.
  5. Saved by the whistle, if it had gone much longer we'd have probably went doon the netty. Good performance in the first half, 3 nowt up but ................................. the second half was absolutely woeful as seen by a 3 - 2 score and backs against the wall. The defense in the second half was a shambles, the passing was abysmal, very nearly fucked it up. Very happy with the win, but not with that second half shambolic performance.
  6. Bruce's Dykes V Dyche's Burnley

    Simply put, Bruce fucked it up!! Why in the world did he wait until the last minutes to put Maxie on, how stupid can you get. Should have won, chances galore, but you can't win if you don't score. Am I wrong, was Joelinton playing left wing-back, certainly looked like it.
  7. Roy's Rolls V Brucies Baps

    Really, Bruce said that? well I've said it before and I'll say it again! A back 3 is not working for us, we need to have a back 4. Joelinton needs to be dropped and St.Max and Miggy need to play up front in a 4-4-2 system.
  8. Roy's Rolls V Brucies Baps

    Another load of rubbish. Joelinton = Shite squared. Bruce = Clueless personified. Pain = Watching Newcastle. Down = the slippery pole we're on. Netty = another 3 points doon it.
  9. Am I the only one thinking 3 at the back is not working for us? I think we should go to 4-4-2 with; Schar - Fernandez - Lejuene - Rose Lazaro - Longstaff - Bentalin - Ritchie Almiron - St,Max I think Schar could be a good right full-back who can get forward. I think Maxie might be better in a bit as he has a tendency to go too far out and to the line.
  10. Oh, and we've slipped down the table a place due to our atrocious goal difference FFS.
  11. Well well well, 3 new quality players starting and we get slaughtered 4 nowt. First 35 minutes looked decent and then the cracks started to open up. Start of the second half indicated it was doon the netty time again, and so it was. Joelinton? no comment. Missed opportunities, needlessly giving away the ball, slipshod defense, nothings changed.
  12. Music Newcastle have run out to

    Memory fading, but it seems to me the 'The Blaydon Races' featured at one time, which makes sense as its our National Anthem.
  13. Other games 2019/2020

    Another goal for Fulham, 20 goals this season, do wish you were still here Mitro, wish Joely wasn't.
  14. At my age I should not be subjected to an extra 30 minutes of nail-biting trauma. St. Max I luv you, but did you have to wait until all my nails were down to the wick? At the start of extra-time I honestly thought they would score, and they very nearly did. Again, I luv you St. Max for not subjecting me to penalty kicks, which I'm sure we would have lost.
  15. Shameful. We didn't deserve the point but I'll take it. How the fuck can we put in such a miserable display against the bottom team who played better than we did. The introduction of the new players didn't improve anything today, let's hope it will next time.

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