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  1. Well it was mine on the 13th. Un-noticed as usual.
  2. Ki Sung-yueng

    That's one of the problems when signing Asian and African players who play for their National team.
  3. C'mon Looney Toony, I went straight ……………..to the bar, and not a gay one.
  4. What bothers me is lack of improvement and consistency, today we were abysmal compared to last week. What happened to our right side? there was no body there except Manquillo. Most of our attacking play was on the left side, little to none on the right in the first half. Only player who stood out was Dubranka, without him we would have been scored on.
  5. Huddersfield deserved to win! From the kick-off we were second best and it worsened, we were pathetic. However we scored and they didn't and that was that. I'll take the 3 points happily.
  6. I wanna see Mutu in there.
  7. Heartbreaker! Joselulu for Rondon when you're down to 10 men, what were you thinking Rafa? Mutu would have been a better choice in my opinion, he shows more energy. Kenedy should have been brought on much earlier. If Dummett was on the bench why not use him. Perez put in some good work. Sad not to come away with a point, the 10 men deserved it.
  8. The Wolves are at the door, and so few posts.
  9. Can't help you there Kiddo, but it's interesting to know that here in Southern California we get to see more Premier League games than you do. When I see "No TV" in the UK, I watch it here. I've seen live, every Newcastle league game so far this season. Some are streams like yesterday but with an 'Apple TV' gizmo I watch it on my telly.
  10. How the fuck did we come away with a point. Their possession, number of shots, number of corners, amount of pressure, dictated they were gonna win. And we could have won if Atsu had put away the 2 chances he had late on. Murphy's cross for the goal was primo, but apart from that he didn't do too much. Diame filled a Black 'n White shirt but he didn't do much more than that. Lascelles should have prevented their goal, Schar should have scored one, Fernandez was brilliant. Surprisingly Manquillo didn't let us down. I think Mutu should have been put in, he would have added more action and aggression than Perez or Joselulu.
  11. Toon V West 'Am

    They certainly did.
  12. Toon V West 'Am

    Dreadful result, this was supposedly one of the winnable games, but then this is Newcassel. Could have been a bigger blow if Andy Carroll had been part of it. I have to criticize Rafa for dropping Clark and starting Manquillo, not s good move. Ki is gonna be an asset to the team if Rafa keeps him in there. Kenedy had another useless/clueless performance. Perez ….*@%$!)+"<#
  13. Toon V West 'Am

    The word is 'SLOPPY' Perez? FFS. Manquillo? FFS. They look like scoring, we don't.
  14. Toon V West 'Am

    With Shelvey, Lascelles, & Mutu apparently available, it could provide Rafa with a serious selection problem against West Ham. Ki and Schar have been playing well, Perez not that good, will Rafa make changes or start his last selection?

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