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  1. Other Games 18/19

    West Brom out of the play-offs, losing to Villa on penalties, so Championship it is for them again. Well now, how will that effect Rondon's situation, I'm sure he will want to play in the Premier League. Will West Brom bite the bullet and keep him, high wages and all, in an effort to gain promotion, or will they try to off-load him at a good price for them? And how about Gayle and Murphy? I can see them wanting to keep Gayle, on loan or permanent, as he's a proven goal scorer in the Championship. Maybe he'll become a pawn in a Rondon deal with Newcastle, maybe not.
  2. Ashley & Rafa The Meeting

    Ashley will make promises. Rafa will compromise. It's not a win-win situation. It'll still be unsolved , Rafa may walk and end the current fiasco, which will create a new one.
  3. Salomon Rondon

    At his age, I'm not sure money will be the driving force, he may be more interested in length of contract.
  4. What I find surprising is that on this final day all the games were available here in California. Usually they are restricted to NBC Sports Network and NBC Sports Gold Today they were spread over numerous TV channels, Newcastle was on the Olympic channel, one was on the Golf channel, and one was even on the Sci-Fi channel. Certainly finished with a flourish didn't we, really felt that Mitro would score.
  5. Fulham

    No she won't, I heard through the grapevine she has purchased a straight-jacket and hired 3 blokes to help get me in it.
  6. Fulham

    Mitrovic will score, ...... run over an' hug an' kiss Rafa, ...... run over to the Magpie section, drop his shorts an' moon them as didn't luv him. Scott Parker will wear Black n' White, ...... course he will, it's their fucking colours. Final whistle, ...... Mritro will run ower an' hoy his shirt to Dr. Gloom, his ardent supporter.
  7. Liverpool Game

    In my book that's true. The hand ball preventing a goal occurred before the goal was subsequently scored, therefore it was an immediate Red card offense and the punishment should have been meted out.
  8. Liverpool Game

    Disappointed we didn't come away with at least a point, the game was there to be won had we capitalized on the chances we had which were many. The fault of all 3 Liverpool's goals has to be placed on our defense's frailties, especially on set pieces. Forget about blaming bad refereeing, in no way did he prevent us from scoring, and it's goals that count. I think Rafa should have given Shelvey a run-out, maybe last 20-30 minutes, a game-change was needed and Shelvey would have wanted to hurt his old team. I think Lascelles has become a question-mark as to whether he's up to the job anymore. Atsu(even though he scored), and Manquillo were our weakest spots.
  9. Liverpool Game

    Both their goals were the result of piss-poor defending, especially the first when Virgil came through unchallenged. I worry about the second half now.
  10. NUFC Grafitti

    Well, is that an open invitation to anyone who's not fussy?
  11. Liverpool Game

    Noelie's diving days are over bonny lad, what he does now is dodder and fall over like old men are prone to do.
  12. Berwick upon tweed

    Really, I thought the UK in its self was an island ffs.
  13. Brighton & H.A. v Newcastle U

    What had the appearance of an easy win in the first half turned to shite in the second and 2 points were squandered in the Newcastle way. C'mon Rafa Benitez, .....Kenedy for fucks sake!! Dubravka was asleep, he should have prevented their goal. The second half had the appearance of us going to lose, and we nearly fucking did. Shelvey didn't have such a bad game after being away so long. Brighton weren't that good in the second half, we just made them look like it by playing so shitty. No joy in the 1 point when you've hoyed 2 doon the netty.
  14. United v Soton

    Questions now are: (1) How bad are the injuries to Almiron & Schar? (2) Will they miss our next match? (3) Will they play again this season? Sad if they are not available for the Liverpool game.
  15. United v Soton

    Good first half, piss-poor second, looked like a different team had come out. Got to be a bit nail-biting after they scored, and looked like they may get another with all the corners we gave away and the possession they had. I thought Ki had a poor game and he should have been the one Diame replaced, if not sooner than he was. Injuries to Almiron and Schar didn't affect the game much, we were playing poorly in the second half with them on. Perez ......well what can I say, I've never been a fan of his but he's my hero today. Dutton had a good defensive game, put in some great tackles and blockages. Brilliant 3 points.

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