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  1. Apathy FC vs who gives a fuck

    Aye, but the other 88 minutes were deplorable. The change in tempo was when Maxie and Andy came on but they came on too late. Are you related to Bruce?
  2. Apathy FC vs who gives a fuck

    Overjoyed with the point we didn't deserve. Except for the last few minutes, it was a deplorable performance. No more chances for Bruce, he should have made changes long before he did. Unbelievable the amount of possession Brighton was given. From the kick-off it looked like a no-win game, at least for us.
  3. Apathy FC vs who gives a fuck

    We're making Brighton look like a class act, maybe we ought to play our supporting cast.
  4. I agree with that. Sometimes a person will make a remark that in no way they think it is racist, but there is always someone who will construe it as being racist. Two children playing together mischievously , one white, one black. Call the mischievous white child "a little monkey" and there is nothing wrong. Call the mischievous black child "a little monkey" RACIST?? But how about if you said "you little monkeys" parceling them together??
  5. Fiddlesticks, Those Villa pricks.
  6. Fiddeley-fiddeley-dee, Nearing the bottom 3. If Villa get a point you see, That's where we'll fucking be.
  7. No surprise today. Cracking goal from Willems. Spirits soared. Dubravka FFS. Shelvey was inadequate. Does Joelie know what offside is. At least it wasn't a cricket score. Might have done better with 5 in the middle. In my day, someone would have man-marked Mane & Salah, even followed them in the netty.
  8. Other games 2019/2020

    Are you watching anyone .................Mitrovic scores another 2 for Serbia. Kosovo's 3 goals were all due to defensive fuck-ups. Kean passed to them, Rice passed to them, and MaGuire petulantly did a Beckham to give them a penalty but he didn't get a red card.
  9. Other games 2019/2020

    Mitrovic scored a cracker for Serbia in their loss to Portugal, ................are you watching, anyone!
  10. Oh yes he would, in a heart-beat, if he were a clown, the pay was good, and there were pies n' beer aplenty.
  11. Bring back Rafa's reject, MITROVIC, he's scoring goals.
  12. Matt Ritchie

    So true, it doesn't behoove any signed-on player to say detrimental things about the higher-ups, don't want to jeopardize their position.
  13. If I had to bet on who would miss his penalty, I would have a few bob in my pocket as I would have bet on Shelvey.

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