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  1. Joelinton

    Question. What Newcastle No.9 has had the longest goal-drought?
  2. Joelintonthebraziandudscoresafuckinggoalffs
  3. Big Bad Wolves V Brucie's Little Lambs

    How long will Bruce persist in playing Joelinton? His presence on the pitch today was like playing with 10 men for the most part. Didn't expect any points today, full marks to Miggy for his third goal, and Dubravka for keeping them out. Had it not been for our once again piss-poor defending on set pieces we could have come away with all 3 points. Atsu was shite, kept losing and giving up the ball, accomplishing nothing. Willems wasn't playing as well as he can. Certainly happy with the point.
  4. Cabbage Heed Halfwits v Rochdale's Groomers

    Another winnable game hoyed doon the netty. And that's where wor Joeylinton should be. In appearance, it looked like the first half was gonna be a rout. Second half looked like Bruce sent a different team out. And to think, I had to get up at four in the fucking morning. That should have been a fucking warning.
  5. tudor brown sauce v walkers pickled onion

    Mebbe so, but my picks would have done better than Brucey, I had benched the Brazilerononscoringdudjoeylinton with or without a hard on.
  6. tudor brown sauce v walkers pickled onion

    Dubravka Schar Fernandez Lejune Willems Hayden SLongstaff Shelvey Almiron Muto Carroll Pick holes in this line-up, based on all being available Muto is energetic and should get a start, I think he is under-estimated. Nonscoringjoelintonthedud should be benched. I think we should go 4-4-2 against Leicester. We know Schar & Willems can make attacking runs. Will be interesting to see Brucey's starting lineup for this match.
  7. The game today v (checks notes)..... Everton.

    Man the bilge pumps, serious leakage, ship is sinking, Santa nowhere to be found. Un-happy, un-merry Christmastime. Another winnable game doon the netty.
  8. Joelinton

    Not really, can't see him good enough to be giving rides to bairns at Whitley Bay sands.
  9. Brucey's bummers v Woy's wankers..

    We were shit in the first half and shittier in the second, but I'll rejoice in the 3 points we hardly deserved. Well done Miggy, well taken goal, keep yer shirt on bonny lad. C'mon Bruce, stop starting Joelinton, he's had enough time to show he's a dud.
  10. Burnley vs Newcastle United

    Heyman, I was just 15 in 1947 and was just learning about filth.
  11. Burnley vs Newcastle United

    Thank-you Ant, 87 and counting.
  12. Burnley vs Newcastle United

    Absolutely RUBBISH! Hard to say who had the worst game but there were a lot of contenders. Some too anonymous to rate but as a team on a scale of 1 to 10 I would say minus 5.
  13. Mr Potato Heeds Lads v The Wilder the Better

    "The Meek will inherit the...........3 points" Great win, but to watch lack of possession week after week can be pretty frustrating and nail-biting. Had it not been for Dubravka's heroics none of us would be as chuffed as we are. I have to admit it is depressing to see practically every game we've played so far as been %75 in our half. Credit to all, they all put in a decent shift, but I would like to see us have more possession. Maxi & Miggy were not as good as they were and I believe that lack of possession was the reason as they were not fed enough balls.
  14. Mr Potato Heeds Lads v The Wilder the Better

    The lads will have to show some metal to put Sheffield to the sword tonight.
  15. Mr Potato Heeds Lads v The Wilder the Better

    Can't believe this thread was started on Tuesday, and the last posting was on Tuesday too, and we're just a couple of hours away from kickoff. Can't believe there has only been 4 postings, all on Tuesday, and now 5 with mine, WTF.

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