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  1. Let's face it lads, that was another game we could have, and should have won considering we had more opportunities and chances to score than they did. We would have had at least had a draw had it not been for Darlow's woeful fumble, and a noted striker like Rooney quick to capitalize on it. Both Shelvey's yellow cards were warranted, both unnecessary and mindless challenges. We are in a desperate position, no traction on a super-slippery slope, and it can only get worse with games ahead. I believe our only salvation lies in how much spending money will be made available in January, and who, how many, and what quality, additions will be made to the squad. As for Benitez, he has to prove to me he is as good as a lot of you keep saying. Dropping Hayden and starting Diame doesn't prove much to me by my standards. I honestly believe that with the stock we currently have in the warehouse, I could put a better product over the counter to please the customers. Tin-hat and body armour on!
  2. Right Now! Starting Diame was fucking stupid.
  3. I wonder when Saivet is going to show up on the bench, he's been having run-outs with the reserves. First time I saw him he didn't look too bad. I don't understand why Shelvey never set foot on the pitch against Leicester. I add that to Rafa's list of boo-boos. Not feeling too optimistic about the Everton match but hoping for miracles.
  4. Can't help but think that if we lose to Everton and any more subsequent games in December there might well be 'Mutual Agreement' writing on the wall. Can only hope Rafa is around in January and gets a substantial amount of spending money either from Ashley or potential new owners.
  5. I assume I could still fuck if given the opportunity like.
  6. I can still pee, and sometimes get a tinge on.
  7. Please define 'useless pricks' Mr. Fish, I'm curious about your thoughts about that.
  8. When I saw Rafa's starting line I did not have a good feeling. Yedlin, Manquillo, & Joselu were not inspiring starters, there was more strength on the bench. Where was Mbemba? He wasn't on the bench, and neither was Gamez. Where did Benitez go wrong? Perhaps when he didn't play Shelvey or Lascells. Rafa knew Perez would possibly score. But not for the other side. My depression, frustration, and hopelessness deepens. Wednesday will probably find us deeper in the shit.
  9. I've often wondered this but never asked, but now I will. On looking at the old photos, the whole team are wearing the same shirt. When did the keeper start wearing a different shirt from the rest of the team?
  10. I hope Wilson will not savage us.
  11. Lawro predicts a 2 - 1 win for us. Don't know if that's bad thing.
  12. And now we're down the slippery slope to 15th place due to teams around us today.
  13. Oh but it is relevant kind sir, what teams did around us today dropped us 2 places down the slippery slope to 14th.
  14. My point entirely. It's hard to understand why he plays Manquillo when he has the seasoned full-back in Gamez who can play either side.
  15. When Gayle scored after 12 minutes you may have thought that Benitez had got his starting 11 right. But no, he got it all fucking wrong! Diame ahead of Hayden ........... bullshit. Manquillo .........bullshit. Not starting Merino-Hayden-Shelvey together ......... bullshit. Use of substitutes .......... bullshit. Perez off, Hayden on .....bullshit .......Diame should have been the one pulled. No attempt to put another striker on ............ bullshit. Putting Yedlin on in the closing minutes ........ bullshit. My faith in Rafa is waning ............. and that's not bullshit.