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  1. Spiitlefield market for those getting off The Clipper. The Globe.
  2. That sportswashing thread has the sad fuckers apoplectic with rage. A great read.
  3. Should try and get Matty into a championship team next season. He's done ok at Mansfield. Try and get him up another level.
  4. That was a fine days entertainment. Jam packed train now heading to Peterborough. Hopefully home for the fight! The "away" bar was utter shite. No well oiled machine like the LC.
  5. Voted Bruno but would have voted Trippier for the initial impact changing the whole mindset of the team.
  6. WAC have been a bit nomadic of late - since NUFC priced them out of playing at Blue Flames. I know the stand you mean. North Shields need to improve for their impending move to the NPL. God knows how they'll pay for it all.
  7. It's usual busy self pre match. But I shared the happiness with a visit to The Percy, Three Bulls and The Goose on route. Wonderful matchday experience. You really should try it.
  8. Great Easter weekend of football. Whitley Bay 1 v 3 North Shields. Shields secure the point that secures the title and promotion. Toon 2 v 1 Leicester. West Allotment 2 v 4 North Shields. Shields receive their trophy after a convincing performance. Tougher days lie ahead in the NPL. A good weekend of football.
  9. A game that both teams looked happy enough not to lose than go out and win. Bruno looked a different class.
  10. Has anyone over at On The Busses mentioned the 37th anniversary yet?
  11. Anyone taking in a game during the International break? North Shields v Penrith will be my match of choice. Shields could win the league IF they win their games in hand. (9 behind Consett with 4 in hand)
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