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  1. Is Steve Wraith a simpleton? Just seen his SSN effort. Cunt!
  2. They've certainly put their cards on the table but that doesn't give the PL permission to open the door. Plus MA will need to agree. It would make sense if all parties agreed an open letter stating they'll allow the PL to state their case.
  3. PL can say nothing unless all parties renage the confidentiality agreement.
  4. This exactly. Ramps up pressure on PL. (Who'll still say nothing!)
  5. EPL Independent Investigation Petition

    Completely pointless. The PL can say nothing unless all parties agree to end the confidentiality clause. The Saudi's will know exactly what is required of them if they ever see fit to reprise their bid. Getting Staveley out of the equation would be the ideal starter.
  6. He had a distraught Stavely on the phone apparently.
  7. I'm noticing around my social media (ok, facebook and a small part of twitter) those most outraged rarely darken the doors (turnstiles - you knew what i meant) of SJP. Onwards and upwards.
  8. I don't think Ashley scores the £17m Says there was a timescale involved.
  9. Anyone got them #cans? Hope you kept the receipt.
  10. We'd have only missed Mike.
  11. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    You think he's capable of being coached and developed?
  12. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    It's called getting your moneys worth.
  13. A solitary point. The same 13th as last season. Do I need to accept one solitary point is the deciding factor in being World Class or being a complete gonk? I'm fairly confident I know what Steve Bruce is. Just as confident in fact, as I knew what Rafa Benitez wasn't. The last 3 seasons since promotion have been piss poor. Rafas version of piss poor is not much different to Brewcies.

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