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  1. I was about 6.5k in the queue. Settled for tickets on L7 between the family and away support. Longest I waited.
  2. North Shields v Runcorn in FA Trophy this Saturday. Can't beat a bit non-league!
  3. I've got my ticket but not sure yet if I'll be going. It was one I had my eye on at the start of the season.
  4. Too many to be coincidence? Poor conditioning? Souness suffered loads. Costing us dearly. 4/5 games in.
  5. Why waste time feigning injury in extra time? Why did BUJ cross and not hold it in the corner? Ref was OTT with the timekeeping but fucking hell....don't give him the opportunity.
  6. 4xl top (the one being worn tomorrow) brand new up for grabs if any you fat bastards might need one. Still tagged etc.
  7. A friends grandson made his debut last night. Michel Spellman. I can only guess at the families utter shame.
  8. Just read Rudi Keurtson (umpire) was killed in a car crash the last few days. Shame.
  9. I predict some VDC aplenty both before and after. I've missed the L.C.
  10. Still a few Forest tickets available.
  11. He's spot on. I wouldn't move to save £20.
  12. Same as mine? You can get it cheaper but tbf it rarely lets you down and he keeps you well informed on his band group (if you're in) back up service for £15.
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