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  1. Yes, some have already called it. Shame though.
  2. That's just made me want to make cabbage and boiled bacon for tea.
  3. UM did indeed. Padiham 0 v 4 N.Shields. The FA Vase road to Wembley up and running.
  4. I'll be heading to the North West tomorrow and will be unhappy at anything other than a resounding victory.
  5. Club Statement Newcastle United - Club update - summer 2021 transfer window (nufc.co.uk)
  6. Got a point more than we deserved. Annoying we could have stole 3 points. I said "that's a penalty" when it happened and I was sat in the gallowgate upper. They should have been 2 up at half time. Good that Bruce was getting some shit.
  7. Looks like OM didn't come back on the pitch to restart. Ball placed on corner and the ref and liners in position, Nice on the pitch. Abndoned by the looks of it.
  8. £50 for charity he finishes closer to 25 than 33 games.
  9. Definitely disappointing but it happens. Probably 8 out of 10 times he'd hit that.
  10. Not when he's only capable of 20/25 games a season.
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