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  1. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    Not particularly. But if he keeps up it'll be s decent achievent. Imagine the meltdown of the those with there bracket firmly up Rafas rusty bullet-hole if he managed to grab a top 10 finish?!?
  2. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    6 more wins. 3 or 4 draws and I reckon Bruce will have us safe. Will he get credit? What if he gets us to the heady heights of 10th/13th?
  3. a match today... one team v another

    That was fairly entertaining. Some absolute weapon on my Facebook yesterday was actually praising Rafa for the win!? I kid thee not! We'll be dusting the passports off when those that matter find their shooting boots.
  4. #WHUNEW that noone gives a shit?

    MOTD didn't show the opportunity Carroll set him up for in final minutes. His decision making is appalling.
  5. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    Bruce would never have got that result if Rafa had never existed.
  6. #WHUNEW that noone gives a shit?

    Excellent result. Dodgy keeper etc but still made enough chances to win.
  7. #WHUNEW that noone gives a shit?

    Real NUFC supporters would.
  8. IPTV very laggy

    x-vpn is free. most iptv suppliers are still recovering from the bother of a week or two ago when they were pretty much shut down at source. Another few weeks and it should settle down again.
  9. Martin Dubravka Signs Permanently

    That was horrendous v Wolves. 2 points down the swanny.
  10. Martin Dubravka Signs Permanently

    Makes too many mistakes. He's decent. Nothing more.
  11. Chelsea V Steve's Little Soldiers

    Awful stuff. I doubt we strung three passes together many times. Joelinton is as much use as a man sent off. Terrible player. He went for 0-0 and nearly got it but no complaints - they were fitter and faster to every ball.
  12. Non League Day on Saturday!

    He comes across a canny lad. He passed his test with me a few weeks ago. Was over the moon because he can commute to train with Chesterfield as he was worried the training regime at Blyth wasn't sufficient for him. Hope he gets a few more. Was a canny day out at Whickham were Shields finest turned out in decent numbers. Nice 1.3 win and some good non league stick dished out.
  13. Non League Day on Saturday!

    Has the loanee Levi Amantchi done much?
  14. Non League Day on Saturday!

    Anyone taking in a game? I'll be at Whickham to watch North Shields. Good opportunity for those who don't attend SJP anymore to get their football fix. Usually £6 in. Can be good craic as well.
  15. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    And our lot a fucking world-beaters.

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