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  1. England doing everything possible to make me cancel my alarm tomorrow. Bairstow and Bess should see their Test careers ending here.
  2. I think so aye. Took him under his wing when he was a youth player iirc.
  3. Such a shame. The Roeder Shuffle has gone to pastures new. Gazza loved him. Brain tumour apparently.
  4. Exactly what I've said all week to mates etc. He's chucked Darlow under the bus for a keeper we know makes mistakes. The probems this season haven't been led by the quality of the goalkeeper.
  5. I suggested yesterday he's not a test match cricketer.
  6. Could be 5 sessions yet. Why is Archer not a confirmed No 10. Worse than Jimmy with the bat. (not as good as Wood with the ball)
  7. Exactly what a I mean. White ball player. Should be nowhere near the test team. LBW today....usually through the gate! Brought in to counter their spin. 1 ball.
  8. Luckiest man in the world to be playing Test cricket.
  9. Wights was a great shop. Ships Chandlers for years but....no ships these days. It had a good run and the fella who ran it retired. Allards took it over. The chippy, Oceans, just past there was taken over by Porky's just before the first lock-down. The Low Lights does a decent meal of the pie variety as well! It's a decent night out now. It's like being on a different planet down there now.
  10. Plenty on the Quay now so don't worry about Sambucas. The Waterfront is top notch for Fish and Chips. Mexican place next door. Rio Lobos iirc. Seaview fisheries is on the main drag if you need wet fish. Oh, and theres a good few boozers, some do decent food. They are in the [process of moving the ferry landing on the North side along to Western Quay so you'll pretty much get off the ferry right in the heart of it all. £8m redevelopment.
  11. Aye, The Fishermans Mission. It's now an Italian Restaurant (Sambucas) Used to go often over the years. There was a cracking snooker table upstairs. You wouldn't recognise The Quay if you haven't been for a while.
  12. Agree Foakes is the best man for the job. (Best anywhere for me) Especially when spin is king. Kohli justs gets more dislikable the more I see of him. Amazing talent and rat-faced shithouse to go with it. Imagine waiting for a review after getting clean bowled.
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