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  1. Bruce's Numbskulls V Oxfords Graduates

    Almost in the semi... Day out to Wembley for the faithful. Although....
  2. I wonder how many snakes will come slithering back if / when we get rid of Ashley. Not many is my guess.
  3. Bruce's Numbskulls V Oxfords Graduates

    Aye, that's a tad painful and he could always apologise when he realises i'm nothing of the sort.
  4. Bruce's Numbskulls V Oxfords Graduates

    I'll be in the labour club next Saturday. Come along and i'll buy you a pint.
  5. Bruce's Numbskulls V Oxfords Graduates

    I'm more than glad you enjoyed your day in the Toon.You got a great result. I had some good craic with one or two of your lot pre match. I did also have a decent day on the beer a few year ago down at yours but as per, the game was disappointing for us. But, I do think we'll beat you in the replay. If we don't then good luck!
  6. Bruce's Numbskulls V Oxfords Graduates

    I'm no more a 'soopafan' than the person sitting next to me. And although I've attended religiously for decades I do sometimes think a few pints in the pub nice and warm with my mates is the better option to sitting freezing cold watching that shit.
  7. Bruce's Numbskulls V Oxfords Graduates

    Interest just waned from the locals and the bus company was hiking the prices to stupid levels. So, unless its a comfortable train journey I don't bother. I could still dig out a ticket or two if you needed one.
  8. Bruce's Numbskulls V Oxfords Graduates

    I don't do many aways these days but I've been around the block more than once.
  9. Bruce's Numbskulls V Oxfords Graduates

    I can feel your disappointment. Honestly I can feel it. Onwards and upwards. We'll beat them down there! Keep the faith. Don't be a turncoat.
  10. Bruce's Numbskulls V Oxfords Graduates

    Were in the hat Monday. We'll very likely beat them in the replay. We'll be playing 4 games in the fa cup this season. Rafa engineered a resounding defeat last time we played them. I was there....which was the worse performance? We had the chances today to beat them easily. It wasn't Brucie's fault our opportunities were skied.
  11. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    Most of that is horseshit.
  12. I couldn't / wouldn't disagree. Feel a bit sorry for him - he's just not good enough at PL level.
  13. How does he get picked. We've 30 points and played with 10 men pretty much all season.
  14. Daylight robbery that. Bruce a tactical masterclass....who else would take off a striker for a defender 2.0 down with minutes to go.... 2.2 boom.
  15. Any point will be a good one.

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