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  1. Liverpool Game

    3 totally pathetic goals to concede.
  2. Brighton & H.A. v Newcastle U

    More I see it I think dubravka was on holiday when getting off his line. That second half was shite..... I wonder what Rafa actually said at half time?
  3. Matchworn shirts

    Worn by me at the match or by a player? Quite a few if the former applies.
  4. mackem messageboard gold

    Riever is a complete legend in his very own 10am tea break. Hardest man to ever....sit behind a keyboard. We all know them. He once posted he openly sat in the Three Bulls having a quiet pint in his mackem top on derby day but no-one dared approach him.
  5. Sports Direct United V Everton

    Although enjoyable them last 45 minutes didn't make up for Fulham 0-0 or the ten home defeats....or the first half for that matter. Although Lee Mason did prove himself highly incapable. One more win and Ashley will be as happy as the happy clappers. Groundhog Day!
  6. The Elephant In The Room

    Yes I did. And yes it is.
  7. The Elephant In The Room

    His brand of football is archaic from years gone by. The matchday experience is as low as its ever been. He'll leave anyway because only a fucking idiot or a desperado would work under Ashley.
  8. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    If you were Ashley would you sell? Not a fucking chance. It's almost a licence to print money for the cunt. Free adverts and a profit in just about every transfer window. We NEED to get relegated and not promoted until he's gone. 2 years, 5, 10 - it doesn't matter.
  9. West Ham vs Newcastle

    I'll try my best mate. How's you?
  10. West Ham vs Newcastle

    2.0 chasing the game and he brings a defender on. He's paid how much p.a? I hope longstaff was injured and not the scapegoat. Atsu I was told has neither scored nor created a goal for nearly 40 games. As said above we got into promising positions but delivery was wank.
  11. Almiron's Vori Vori Vajigel Lovers v Burnley

    Got 2 seats together in strawberry corner. Pm
  12. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    Fully depends upon what you think is the best result for NUFC. If your preference is to stay up and let groundhog day roll on for another season then the result was a worthy one that puts us to likely of 3 more wins to be safe. If getting rid of Ashley is the ultimate aim then imho we need to be relegated and stay relegated. Ashley is going nowhere while the big bucks are rolling in annually. Did I read the Almiron fee was raised with a Barclays bank loan / overdraft? Not a good sign if so.
  13. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    Is the only way to get rid of him permanent relegation? As long as he's the PL nest egg to rely on no amount of money will shift him. I'll happily see half a dozen seasons in The Championship if it mean't his demise.
  14. The Wolfs V The Toon

    1 - Rafas game management was poor. There was no need whatsoever to make the substitution after 90 minutes 2 - the ref was correct to add at least 30 seconds {see point 1] and likely more time with Perez strolling off. 3 - it WAS a foul on the keeper. 4 - the keeper should never have tried to catch it.
  15. Got a bus going and I've 6 places remaining - price above covers adult ticket and coach. pm if interested.

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