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  1. Got a bus going and I've 6 places remaining - price above covers adult ticket and coach. pm if interested.
  2. I'm looking forward to a top 6 finish next season. Exciting players bought with a young innovative manager brought in after Pardews fatal heart attack. The SKY news ticker reporting a helicopter has crashed in the midlands area as it headed North..... and just for that moment wishing!
  3. 12 Years A Slave. Good fillum indeed.
  4. They will tear us a new arsehole without a doubt. Could easily be as bad as last season. Everton 1st half shows we are still an embarrassment at the back.
  5. I personally have no problem with the sweaty socks. A fine race of people indeed. I do though detest Rangers and Celtic and the bigotry they* bring with them. *I'm happy to accept not all are bigots but they should being doing more to rid their own Clubs of these vile cretins.
  6. Nothing wrong with bringing culture to the uncultured.
  7. 2 good size onions. Thumb size bit of fresh Ginger. 5/6 garlic cloves. Tbsp oil. << All in the blitzer and blitzed to pulp. Add to frying pan on gentle/medium heat for 10/15 mins or until it nicely starts to turn a light brown. In the cleaned blitzer a tin of tomatoes/half tin of water. 2tbsp Tom puree. Fresh chillies to taste (about 4/5 for me but they aren't shit hot) Blitz until smooth. Before adding the tomatoes to the onion add 1tsp, Coriander, Cumin, Turmeric, Paprika + chilli powder to taste to the browned onion mix. Cook on for 5 mins or so then add the toms. Bring to steady boil then add 3 diced chicken breasts. Boil on for 1hr stirring regular. 10 mins before ready half a sliced onion for a bit crunch and then fresh coriander the last moment. Bit basic but nicely tastey all the same. Enough for three decent portions. With plain Basmati rice.
  8. Excellent result but we were carved open a few times and luckily Benteke was in the build up and not on the end of the moves. Agbons sitter - ha ha ha. Santon was exposed for too often with a simple pass beyond him. Not complaining though.
  9. If Remy starts I can see us getting something. Still got 8 seats with tickets (if needed) on the bus.
  10. Mapou Yanga-Mboumsong. Yes?
  11. I'd guess the box office is being ran on an absolute shoestring. Note they made Harpers testimonial 'online only' With the arrival of the ten year deals the need to fully staff the box office is gone. We generally take the minimum number of 'away' allocations. And as someone who deals with 100's of away tickets each season I can confirm the wrong address theory as being my biggest bugbear - after I spend fuck knows how much time sorting everything into the relevant 'groups' they still send them any-fucking-where they choose to.
  12. To be fair ... Pardew goes a long way to making it an 'utterly joyless experience' I firmly believe that squad of players (even without new signings) shouldn't be finishing 5th bottom or starting this season with not a shot on target in the first 180 minutes. Agree in general though that the Club as a whole is being worn down to a level where survival is going to be the mainstay. Ashley wants his money back.
  13. Yes, I can acquire any tickets that you might require. Let me know if want to jump on.
  14. Still a few seats remaining if anyone has the urge. Always a decent day out at Villa. Can supply a ticket or two if required.
  15. £28 Rtn. Pick ups N Shields / Toon / Washy Services. Stop off for a Shandy on route - back straight after with brief restock for return journey. I can also help out with match tickets if required. Drop me an email toonaway@aol.com (or PM) (Can anyone build me a 1 (maybe 2) page website for a reasonable fee?? Contact via email above, thanks)