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  1. He still ended up on 35-40k aswell, didn't he? 26511[/snapback] Yes, and if the story is to believed, Seth and his agent walked out of Elland Road pissing themselves laughing 26582[/snapback] iirc Risdale offered him 30k. Seth Johnson was visibly flabbergasted that he'd get offered so much, Risdale interpreted this as Johnson thinking it wasn't enough so said "okay then 40k it is".
  2. Guillemme Balague.

    guillemme balague is the spanish alan oliver and as Oliver can never say anything bad about geordies balague will always side with the spaniard (marcelino anyone?). he said re the luque deal, when it looked to have fallen through, that all the blame was 100% down to Fat Freddy. now shepherd might have been tight in the anelka and boamorte negotiations but the Deportivo chairman has a global and well-earned reputation for being a complete arse when it comes to transfers. he's nothing more than a hanger on, god knows how he got the job for skysports.
  3. *The official Solano returns? thread

    am knackered but i can't sleep this is such a cliffhanger...
  4. SounessSpotting *amended

    keiron dyer as sickboy?
  5. The transfer deadline day thread

    this is like the transfer deadline days of old, but much better!

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