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  1. 1. He shouldn't be playing then. 2. Answer number 1 answers number 2. 63953[/snapback] I've already stated he shouldn't be playing, in my post.
  2. Would you like the "s" putting in your name? 63937[/snapback] yes please.
  3. Disillusioned with the club, tired of the heartache, sick of the lacklustre gutless performances, but equally as tired of the moaning, whinging, fingerpointing excuses of some of our fans? Whats really got me pissed off is the stick that Albert Luque has been undeservedly getting since putting on a Newcastle shirt. This lad suffered a grade 3 hamstring rupture. A grade three hamstring strain is a catastrophic injury. There is an immediate burning or stabbing pain and the athlete is unable to walk without pain. The muscle is completely torn and there may be a large lump of muscle tiss
  4. Newcastle-Online dwell on us being shit, whereas Toontastic deny that we are shit. Just as bad as each other.
  5. Luque is top class, he's was out for 3 months for crying out loud, not to mention he's never played in this leauge before. People were questioning Reyes' abilty at Arsenal when he joined, after 5/6 games he was pinging them in from all over the shop.
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