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  1. Carrol wont last the 90, he'll be seeing the red..
  2. Williamsons a fucking liabilty shits me up all the time
  3. Much better then Perch and Willo TBH, I think he gets a lot of un deserved shit from a lot of people.
  4. They're both back for Wolves I think, we don't play next weekend so gives Tiote a weeks training after he gets back from ACN. Nice one cheers. Cant wait like, a much improved 11 TBH
  5. FFS When is Tioto an Caybaya back...? How did Gosling put it over from there like...
  6. Alright lads not to worry Lennon and Defoe coming on
  7. Obertan has gotta go off, shame were only allowed 3 subs... Not that we got the players to replace em mind!
  8. stupid fuckin passes that dont make it are the cause of this, proper shite.
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