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  1. Cricket is the shitiest thing ever! Shame on you Nursey for actively encouraging such pass time activities. *scowl* ya alreeet lyke pet?
  2. buy her a bag of smack
  3. he got thtabbed off thith black blurk with aa thamaari thord
  4. how on earth did the nar it was me? 74340[/snapback] cos you were the one who could never quote properly 74365[/snapback]
  5. how on earth did the nar it was me?
  6. yeah mon aye n aye da erb well stroooannng
  7. Bad Dad


    Was not built in one day. It took many years of planning and designing. Although Souness has made some very good purchases, they are just quick fixes and not long term solutions! Discuss!
  8. Bad Dad


    Am not bad really, just misunderstood! Anyway, hello. I used to use this forum a while back but aint been a round for a while! Hope you's all had a good crimbo and all the best for the new year
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