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Found 11 results

  1. catmag

    Gigs 2024

    Thought I might as well start this as I'm off to see Queen tonight. Uncool? Probably. Bothered? Not a fucking bit of it - can't wait
  2. Misread your above post Oh well. Whacking some Seymour Duncans in the S.G soon, it's going to roar!
  3. Semi-finals tonight and Thursday on BBC Three, grand final on Saturday night as usual. Tonight's offerings include Moldovan soft porn with a police uniform fetish, disabled Finnish punks, hi-NRG disco trash from a fat Serbian girl, and holier than thou peace balladry from Russia, of all places. How can you resist?
  4. Pretty much a ronseal thread, but I'm toying with the idea of signing up to the £10 a month service with no ads and the app for the iPhone. whaddya reckon musicos?
  5. I remember a day when you could easily downloads torrents to enable you have listen to an album before deciding to buy it. However in these spotify days it seems there are no sites like piratebay around anymore to allow you to do this! I know I could just stream music in my car but I really like having some cds to shove on - can anyone offer any assistance?
  6. Keep meaning to catch up on back catalogues, but keep ploughing on with new artists and old favourites. Started listening to Roxy Music and Can last week though and thoroughly enjoyed it. Anyone fancy voting for a band/artist each week for everyone else to listen to, learn about and comment on? Tied in the vote with new albums for the week so there's something for people who already know them inside out. Can add any other to the vote.
  7. just got the following albums Ulrich schnauss - goodbye the tuss = rushup edge they couldn't be more different. both v. good however.
  8. Craig


    .....is crap! Discuss!!
  9. Think I'll go with ISAM by Amon Tobin.
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