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  1. Apparently he was impressed when he heard that Charton's scorers against Liverpool the other day were Young and Bent....
  2. 1st time i flew was in 2000, it was only to brussels but i still shat myself, i went over for a few days to watch England vs Portugal in Eindhoven and we lost lol
  3. Have any of U lot seen 2 lezzys have sex ?? i did once in amsterdam, it was amazing, started licking and playing about then they got the toys out and it really blu my mind, watch 2 fit blonde bird banging each other with strap ons is class I wouldnt marry 1 tho, 2 maybe
  4. Rik Waller
  5. You would have to kick your dog out while u bash 1 off, if some1 came in while the dog was with you it mite look like u were trying to get the dog to lick or suck your cock
  6. Stone Temple Pilots - Core
  7. 1, Jimmy Carr, What a prick 2, Jodie Marsh 3, Ian Beale (eastenders)
  8. Scott Mills Radio 1 very very funny
  9. Lee Hendrie (complete wanker and arrogant twat) Paddy Kenny (fat twat) Adi Akinbiyi
  10. Just been on the favourite 3 footballers post and i thought id do 1 for the 3 players you hate the most, but just to make it a little harder, No Sunderland or Ex Sunderland player are allowed
  11. Id hang the prick, hes caused so much trouble since hes been over here, and the sentence hes got isnt nowhere near long enough, plus he can still run things from behind bars
  12. Stone Temple Pilots - Shangri La Dee Da
  13. 91046[/snapback] Dispite him playing for those Manc Bastards he was a fantastic footballer I could always swap him for Marco Van Basten if u like
  14. 1, David Ginola 2, Francessco Totti 3, Eric Cantona
  15. Hi Jonno, where in Suffolk are you ? 91028[/snapback] Bury St Edmunds mate