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  1. England squad announced for friendly.

    unless we put in 7 performances like against the Argies recently ... then it'll probably be the same old story. We'll get out of the group stages, and then be bullied about by a big nation, like Brazil in 2002 or Portugal in 2004. 100749[/snapback] you have a great team, capable of winning the world cup but not under sven and not with beckham as captain. Both of them are extremely overrated 100751[/snapback] Bollicks, who exactly would you replace beckham with? SWP? He is a fast runner... gets past a defender and crosses it along the floor into the side netting. On the other hand beckham is one of the worlds best passers. As for sven, he should be shot.
  2. Interesting quotes from Dyer...

    My two favourite players TBH, IMHO

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