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  1. Thomas Galasek for 2.7m was a steal.
  2. Cacapa and Abdoulaye Faye I'd like to see, with Rozehnal in defensive midfield. Cacapa is an amazing defender.
  3. The difference is a whole load of new players. We need time to gel, and this season I don't expect us to be challenging up high in the league, give the new lads time, give Big Sam time, he's proven to be a good manager, unlike Roeder and Souness. It'll take a while to gel, it won't happen over a few weeks time.
  4. Man City aren't silly enough to sign Owen, we'll overprice him to around 14m-16m, and they won't pay it.
  5. Owen won't leave, no-one will want him.
  6. Smith is awful, he's just aggresive.
  7. Our midfield is the problem, Geremi is sloppy, Smith is shit and Butt is too aggresive. If Butt didn't attempt a russian headlock for the freekick we wouldn't have had to concede a 3rd. We need some flair in midfield, Emre would have been a perfect addition in a straight swap for Geremi or Smith, but he brought in Abdoulaye fucking Faye. Oba was lively today, caused problems and hassled, and scored a great goal - he's not a goalscorer and never has been - so I don't see why everyone expects him to be so. Viduka was back playing like a big oaf today, too. I'm not sure where we exac
  8. Sam needs to kick some ass at half time, we're getting leathered in midfield, Smith should be took off imo, Emre brought on. Butt needs to calm down too.
  9. Aye, we're defending wildly atm, fantastic run by Milner, should have been a freekick there on Geremi.
  10. HE'S not having the baby is he? Aye, it's understandable, Rozehnal's son is a Geordie \o/
  11. 4-3-3 would be better imo, I don't rate Smith when he plays on the wings, reminds me of Bowyer - always drifting inside. We won last week mind, so I'll keep the faith.
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