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  1. So looks like that interview with Ashley was 100% bull shit.
  2. Who the fuck cares if their loving it? Ob course they are, we'd be loving it too if their manager was fired and they ended up with hmm.. lets pick a random cockney... Ian Wright as manager.
  3. If you can drop NUFC just like that, you were clearly never a fan. Don't let the door hit you on the arse on the way out. Exactly. Its all good and well people saying I shouldn't go to the Hull game etc but what can you do? You are a supporter, you pay your money and you support the team. I know we can get shafted along the way but its just in your blood and you can't stop supporting them... Dunno like. Empty seats would send a message. Not like anyone would really give up on the club but theres only so much piss taking they can get away with. I'm with Gemmill on this one, I won't give up on the club, i've supported them for 26 years and always will.... but I feel less emotion towards NUFC at the moment than I ever have. I don't think Ashley has any idea of the shit he's just caused - don't think it'll be long before he finds out though. We're the laughing stock once more Yup, pretty much what I was just gonna post. I feel empty inside, weird like, wasn't even feeling this bad when Bobby got sacked.
  4. Like fuck I can give up on this club. Why are we such suckers?
  5. Looks like I'm giving up on Newcastle now tbh. Good luck to NUFC and it's fellow supporters from now on.
  6. Keegan attempts to do X-Pac.
  7. Someone's grown a pair of balls.
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