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  1. O'Neill is clearly the easy option as most people would welcome him with open arms. Every week i keep on think this is the day but it hasn't happened yet so i'm not holding my hopes up.
  2. Just shows what you can do with a manager with a couple of brain cells. Can you imagine how good we would be with a top european coach in charge? BTW we should win every game in our run-in now. Our fixtures are a peace of p*ss really. Wigan- Win Sunderland- Win West Brom-Win Brum- Draw (Fighting for their lives) Chelsea- Win (Season over) If this happened we should clinch at least 7th place which isn't bad considering we were suicidal in january!
  3. Alot of people are suggesting O'Neill but i think Hiddink is more likley. He's just won the dutch league with PSV so their season is over. Not only that but we have a good game against Wigan for him to come into. Me wishing i suppose.
  4. Not wrong. Harry Kewell will be a threat but i'm not worried about Liverpool. There is one reason why we wil beat Liverpool and that is KEIRON DYER
  5. I can't see him going. He kept on repeating to Jim White that he would be here for three years, remember.
  6. Aye he should be. He's there most influential player too, including stevie G. We have to forget about their tactics and play our game.
  7. It should be called Newcastle-Offline 105882[/snapback] Cheers for the info.
  8. Has the forum gone down or summit. I know some on here don't like the place but does anyone know if it's working for them?
  9. Un-changed side seems the likley option. If Dyers injured then we have no choice to play Luque, i have a sneaky feeling that Shearer might return for this one though.
  10. Arsenal were outstanding tonight. That's the tpye of football that should be played more often. None of this lanky striker lark that Liverpool and Bolton use.
  11. Am i the only one who thinks both forums are pretty good.
  12. I heard a rumour that Pearce sees the Newcastle job "as a step up the managerial ladder." This is from a bloke in Manchester who put 600 quid on him to be the next boss.
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