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  1. Is that bloke in your avatar, the same bloke that knocks aboot North Shields, asking for tabs, and money for brews. That is the one and only Johnny Decker. I see him more in Wallsend now. he's fucking mad like. used to nab me for a tab, all the time when i got off the Metro in the morning. even asked if i would take him for a cuppa once. If he was facing the other way, you'd have to get a shift on.
  2. Is that bloke in your avatar, the same bloke that knocks aboot North Shields, asking for tabs, and money for brews.
  3. DarkStar


    How did you get rid of Butt? Never played him, which leads to constant mentions of him from your staff in these meetings, the press then pick up on it and then I declared he'll never play again for us (do this a few times), and then attempt to agree mutual termination, which suprisingly worked, I managed to get rid of him around November. I transfer listed him, then stuck him in the reserves for the whole season, and he seemed quite content to sit on his arse collecting his wages. I'm going to start a new game tonight, and try my hardest to get shot of the useless kn
  4. DarkStar


    How did you get rid of Butt?
  5. DarkStar


    out of Vuckic and Spear, its Spear who is by far the most talented. But he's not as talented as Verratti who gets very good, very quickly. Seriously him and Verratti will turn out to be 2 of your best players, if they are nurtured properly. They just need the right training schedule, and first team football, but not to much though. and when they are ready to be loaned out, make sure, its to a team who have good training facilities, and are willing to give them regular first team football.
  6. DarkStar


    How's Verratti looking now? If you give him first team footy, his stats become god like. this is him at 19yrs old. http://i38.tinypic.com/jf9own.png
  7. loved the whole adam and eve story line, and i thought the ending was canny weird, when that ancient woman, was warning Desmond about the Sun, and Ezio was saying who's Desmond. the next one should be Epic, with Desmond being the most Dangerous Assasin in the world.
  8. DarkStar


    Just signed future wonderkid Marco Verratti for £100k Also Jlloyd Samuel, Berardo and Cristaldo on loan. and trying to bring in Maduro as well. that should do me for promotion.
  9. I suspect this very much to be false, and a spoof attack. Someone sending random members of this board pm's urging them to download some software. That softwares is malware. A quick google, lead me to this link http://forum.teamxray.com/viewtopic.php?p=...f19f702a4a7bcd6 Stoppspamforum.com is malware, and a hoax. Do NOT click on links there from. Yeah i got one of those, which made me log into here, to protest my innocence.
  10. get yourself onto AVForums. they have a canny blu-ray classified section. I got loads of blu-ray's from there, from like £5 each.
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