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  1. We need Remy the be playing. Very little movement from the front two to create and decent chances. No wonder Ben Arfa/Sissoko are going for worldies...they have few other options.
  2. What date will this be? Might head home for it. Oddly enough it was at Christie Park (the old Morecambe stadium) where I met a load of Newcastle players. Blackburn reserves used to play there so went down to see them play our reserves...met the likes of Carl Cort, Chopra, Bellamy, Harper. Chanting 'Harper for England!' behind the goal and he turned around and goes 'England? I can't even get in the bloody first team here...'. Anyway, the Globe Arena is a lovely little stadium for a League 2 side. I know a guy who helped design it...and I also used to play for Morecambe a very very lon
  3. Nyff

    James Gandolfini

    Just on the last series of the Sopranos. Genuinely upset at this news...RIP.
  4. I'm thinking about changing over to Playstation after reading about the two consoles. Nothing about the XBOX One seems to justify the price tag and the PS4 seems more set up as a gaming machine for gamers rather than some sort of all-in-one entertainment device.
  5. Found out I'm graduating with a 2:1 in English Language. Painfully close to a 1st but 2:1 was what I was aiming for so can't complain.
  6. Polygamy should be legalised, too.
  7. At least we've finally put in a performance!
  8. Apparently a screenshot from Fifa 14, with our new kit:
  9. Would either not stay up with three straight wins if Villa were to lose all three? EDIT: Ah, I see. Because Wigan still have Villa to play.
  10. Had my first interview for a post-graduate job (finish Uni next week). Was for a paid marketing internship at the University...they were hoping to make a decision by the end of tomorrow and then call people back next week, but were so impressed by me at interview that they called about an hour later to offer me the job. This getting a job lark is easy like
  11. Someone on 4chan creepily predicted what would happen:
  12. What an absolutely gutless second half performance. What on earth does Pardew say to them at half time!? Ben Arfa came on far too late as well - by that time we were pretty much back to our usual hoof ball and not at all playing to his strengths. Honestly, I can't wait for this season to be over now..
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