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  1. there'll be a few bairns unable to sit down at school tomorrow...
  2. Roma Ultras are possibly the most notorious in Italy, I think their (supposed) political allegiance is to the far left though (not sure tbh), with Lazio having the reputation for their Ultras being Fascist. 106844[/snapback] Roma have a far right following as well, the whole left-right thing between them and Lazio isn't especially true (I know a couple of Lazio fans who are definetly not facists!) But on the whole i would say Lazio have the biggest facist following in Italy. Great article here btw. the nappyrippers ain't having much luck abroad it seems.
  3. Scientology + Amyl Nitrate = Just say Know!
  4. lol... that brings back some memories (or not!)
  5. Muscle Mary

    James Blunt

    he's got a strong arm that lad...
  6. Muscle Mary

    James Blunt

    the bluntmeister? feck... the blokes a bobin' man. (and i bet you've nowt decent in that collection your hoyin aboot DVD man? eh?... you got Nuts in May like...? or Performance with Jagger???)
  7. We? Martyrs are of no use to anyone.
  8. Muscle Mary

    James Blunt

    "alreet marra... "
  9. Aye the fuckers... Bentley's now is it? some sort of sense of humour like?
  10. HTT, can I just say in a non-patronizing way, you can be genuinely funny when you take your head out your arse. 100063[/snapback] HTT will be back soon. 100065[/snapback] That's the stuff. Maybe when this manager stuff is over the two forums should merge. 100067[/snapback]
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