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  1. As I say, you have spend a quarter of that time in the second tier
  2. I dont think we have that many more than you.
  3. Leave is up to a Geordie to post a pie chart. Is it a Greggs pie chart? ........HA HA...ha
  4. Goons will be all over him if you go down. Which is good in my books because he is not the full package IMO.
  5. Andrew was shocked when his credibility didn't increase after posting a star trek picture.
  6. We have won the league twice on that graph. I admit the lows dont compare. I would say it was more like comparing scholes and Barton.
  7. Dont worry, I have this info to hand. Any points on the data contained. I feel its a valid discussion.
  8. All I am saying Andrew is that Newcastle have bounced back many times before. After all it has spent over a quarter of its post war years in the second tier of english football.
  9. I thought this may calm the nerves of a few on here who are worried for the future of NUFC if they get relegated Sunday. I have mapped the post war positions of NUFC on a graph to map out the yoyo nature of NUFCs league position in the "modern game". I have then mapped it against a team who I have chosen at random. You can see on the graph that really what is happening at the moment may be just part of a natural cycle for a club whos place is just between the top two divisions. If that doesn't make you feel better I don't know what will.
  10. I have really never got it it when you see grown men in floods of tears. I have been at cup finals on both the winning and losing side but I have never once felt the urge to cry over football. My emotions are massive elation if things go well and anger (often misdirected) when things go really badly. Will you cry, either way?
  11. 30 mph. The anniversary was fairly recently.
  12. Its a very nice thing to say. Hes a class act. 'Better than "they always turn us over Im glad to see the back of them" which is what I would have said
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