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  1. as a supporter of edgar, i think his best move would have been to find a way to stay....he still needs a year to develop before becoming a premiership calibre player, in my opinion....a year of every day football in the CCC would have served him well....the odds are a lot higher that newcastle will be playing in the prem next year than burnley will...he could be exchanging one year in the prem for his future.
  2. yup... http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2009/ju...-united-burnley The Newcastle United defender David Edgar has joined Burnley on a four-year deal. Edgar's contract at St James' Park ended today and, having been offered new terms there that he deemed to be unsatisfactory, the 22-year-old has decided to link up with Owen Coyle's newly promoted side. Edgar will earn close to £10,000 a week at Burnley, for whom he completed a medical last week and, crucially for the Canada international, has been guaranteed first-team football. There was, however, some reluctance on the part of the
  3. depressing move...the boy was born wearing the newcastle stripes...every interview in canadian newspapers of the last couple of years, he expressed his passion for the team....even after almost two years of sitting on the bench. i really thought that a year playing a regular shift at CB in the championship would be the best for his career and the best for NUFC...drop the overpaid gereatrics and attract youth who will run through walls for the team....the fans deserve that at this point. he never really shone at RB...i wish he had been given a fairer shake to show his prowess in the mid
  4. as an 'edgarfan', i am glad that he finally got an opportunity to play closer to his natural position in the central defence....until now every appearance had been on the right, where i dont think he is very strong...he is too slow and his weakness is defending forwards running beside him on the wing...he is strong meeting the ball face to face and he has a good presence in the box forward and defending....hopefully he gets more chances to play in the middle where i think he can be a strong player in the future.... he seemed confident, which he has not been when playing right back...he ten
  5. edgar was stuck to his man 5 yards away...watch the replay...there were 3 players standing around. terrible call though. Then it may have been Bassong, it was one of the two. edgar's man ran towards the corner and he followed him until he was out of danger, when edgar let him go to retreat...by then the ball was at the far side of the goal....three men standing around the man with little effort... seriously though...we need some creativity forward.
  6. spectacularly well! actually, ok...he is far more comfortable in a centre defending type role than he has been on the right side in the past. he has cleared well, hasnt made any bad passes...marked his man well.
  7. edgar was stuck to his man 5 yards away...watch the replay...there were 3 players standing around. terrible call though.
  8. Coloccini is the worst defender in the premiership....anyone who thinks differently hasnt been watching. i have no idea how he has maintained a starting role all season. yeah, there has been a lot of injuries, and you guys all bitch and whine about ashley, but the single biggest reason that newcastle are on the brink of relegation is coloccini....he is the cause of at least one goal per game....just off the top of my head i can think of 4 or 5 games where he alone cost the team at least 2 points. i have thought that he has stood out as an absolute disaster since the first few games
  9. yeah, his was a good one...like goldmember from the austin powers movie.... whoregreaves lived in canada for his first 17 years, germany for the next 9 and england for 18 months...and somehow he sounds like one of the characters on coronation street....
  10. i sang 'god save the queen' every morning in school for this abuse? i will admit my bias, but i have seen every nufc game this year and it seems someone with his skills would be exactly the recipe...and it so happens that he is available and considering a move to england..... his opportunistic brother plays for feynoord and recently pulled an owen whoregreaves and decided to turn his back on his country and get dutch citizenship, in hopes of playing for the netherlands....i dont think his fake dutch accent is as good as hargreaves fake english one though...
  11. i've thought that canadian international julian deguzman would be what newcastle need.....it seems to me that much of the issue on defence isnt the back four, but the midfield...julian plays for deportivo la coruna in spain...he was their player of the year last year...had an injury at the begining of the season but is healthy now. his contract is up at the end of the season and depor is having financial issues that will likely keep them from re-signing him....he plays a holding mid for them and is precisely what NUFC need, in my opinion....an active player who plays a very good transition
  12. edgar's loan opportunity was blocked..... Meanwhile, Kinnear has revealed he turned down offers of a loan move for Andy Carroll and David Edgar ahead of the deadline for emergency Football League loan moves. The pair were both offered a move to the Championship, but Kinnear opted to keep them at St James’ Park. “Clubs inquired about both of them on loan, but, basically, I wasn’t in a position to do that,” said Kinnear. “I explained to both of the lads that it would be a risk if we picked up any more injuries. “Obviously, both of them would dearly love to be playing, an
  13. dont know what n-o is.....just a newcastle fan in canada.... i agree that he looked shakey in the couple of starts he had this year.....but to be fair, he was at RB....his natural position is CB.....his positioning was horrible in those games and he obvioulsy had a bit of nerves....he is too slow for RB. i would like to see him get a chance, but it appears with the new guy making the decisions he wont get that, so the championship is certainly the best option at this point...he's 21 now...a make or break time for his future....being the captain of a reserve squad isnt going to cut it m
  14. david edgar is being looked at by norwich city....would obviously be a good move to get some playing time....he's at the age where his development will suffer on the bench for months at a time. http://www.norwich.vitalfootball.co.uk/article.asp?a=132165 david is also getting his first call to the senior canadian side on wednesday....canada shat the bed with its strongest national team ever and has one last qualifier against jamaica.....its basically a friendly so many of the 'players of the future' are getting a chance. http://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/2008/11/18/stalteri_canada/
  15. hardly a 'must win' at this point in the season.....more like a 'really would be good to win'. game is on here in canada in the middle of the day...thankful for the ol' PVR.
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