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  1. Transfer Deadline Day 2011

    Newcastle won't get Camoranesi. Tottenham won't be interested by a "past-it". And so won't Newcastle.
  2. Manchester U v Newcastle United.

    @ohhh_yeah eh, iraqgoals is the only one for me, showing leeds vs newcastle 2001/02 on the 1st channel atm
  3. Manchester U v Newcastle United.

    TBH me head says 5-0 to man u but me heart says 5-0 to newcastle.
  4. Slovenia -v- England

    Rooneys fucking arrived like
  5. Slovenia -v- England

    fucking ref diving? my arse
  6. Spain win 2010 WORLD CUP.

    Chile vs Switzerland. Best fucking game ive watched for a looong time
  7. Slovenia -v- England

    Forget about Gerrard and Lampard, I'm more concerned with you putting the full backs on the wrong sides. Well its a rough idea
  8. Slovenia -v- England

    my team would be this ________James________ A Cole__Terry___Upson__Johnson Lennon__Lampard__Gerrard__J Cole _______Crouch__________________ _____________Rooney____________ Its absoloutly essential to play Gerrard and Lampard in the middle Yerr to be honest we should win about 2-1, Crouch and Rooney
  9. Sky Sports News to leave Freeview

    iz u seeerious blaaad? why SKY 3+1. sky3 is shit anyway, i only watch it for road wars
  10. Funny pictures thread

    gotta love xibit
  11. England -v- Algeria

    should be able to win like
  12. Modern Warfare 2


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