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  1. Prediction League

    Arsenal 2 Blackburn 0 Norwich 1 Bolton 1 QPR 3 Wolverhampton 1 Stoke 1 Sunderland 0 West Brom 2 Swansea 0 Wigan 2 Everton 1 Man City 4 Fulham 0 Newcastle 3 Aston Villa 0 Chelsea 1 Man Utd 0 Liverpool 1 Tottenham 0
  2. Prediction League

    Aston Villa 3 QPR 1 Blackburn 2 Newcastle 0 Bolton 0 Arsenal 1 Fulham 1 West Brom 2 Sunderland 1 Norwich 0
  3. Funny pictures thread

    Makes you feel all warm and gooey inside.
  4. If I could somehow find a way into exercise that suited me, my commitments and my lifestyle, then I would be laughing. Strap a couple of 25k plates to your back and sprint to the chippy and back when you get in from work.
  5. Dalglish.

    After the Bolton defeat someone posted on the Sky Sports Score Centre that it's time for Kenny to go.
  6. Matchday Live Chat?.

    I suggested this to Craig & ShearerGol aeons ago as I had one running on my site, but nowt ever came of it because no-one was really interested.
  7. Prediction League

    Norwich 0 Chelsea 3 Everton 2 Blackburn 1 Fulham 1 Newcastle 0 QPR 2 Wigan 0 Stoke 2 West Brom 1 Sunderland 1 Swansea 1 Wolves 1 Aston Villa 2 Bolton 1 Liverpool 3 Man City 2 Tottenham 1 Arsenal 1 Man Utd 1
  8. SOPA - What you need to know

    And guess what mug purchased a 6 month premium membership yesterday! Only 20 euro's and I did manage to get the entire series of Homeland, but still!
  9. Prediction League

    Cheers dude.
  10. Prediction League

    Anyone know/able to find out what Lawro predicted for the Spurs vs Everton match?
  11. Prediction League

    Dark blue on black hurts my eyeballs. Tom sorted it though so no bother. Aston Villa 1 Everton 1 Blackburn 2 Fulham 1 Chelsea 3 Sunderland 0 Liverpool 2 Stoke 0 Man Utd 4 Bolton 1 Tottenham 3 Wolves 0 West Brom 1 Norwich 1 Newcastle 2 QPR 0 Swansea 1 Arsenal 1 Wigan 0 Man City 3
  12. Friday 13th

    Yeah I did that once, wouldn't recommend it.
  13. Prediction League

  14. Netflix Available in UK

    I'd look into getting this on the 360 but my broadband is beyond poo so I'm not sure it would be worth it.
  15. Why Aren't You All Talking About Morrison?

    Hi, nice to meet you. Now fuck off!
  16. Prediction League

    Spurs 3 Everton 0
  17. Prediction League

    I'll do a one off for the Wednesday match. Don't worry, the majority of people missed last week.
  18. Prediction League

    @racing_argentina, I haven't included you yet as you've only made two predictions so not sure it's worth my time setting up another user at this late stage. If you provide full predictions for this week then I'll include your previous point. Everyone else, seeing I'm the only fucker updating the table I'm going to be a mean old bastard and say that if your post isn't legible (i.e. really dark grey text on a black background Besty!) then your predictions won't be included for that week. Also, make sure your predictions are in the same order as everyone else's otherwise mistakes can, and probably will, be made.
  19. NUFC vs QPR

    Taraabt looked quite tidy against us at their place too iirc.
  20. January Transfer window 2012- Deadline Day Madness

    Clearly a PR stunt.

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