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  1. Xavi's probably the best out of the lot imo, pure footballer, his stats actually dont lie.. barca struggle without him more than they do without iniesta and old lionel
  2. Just from teams ive seen or seen a hell of alot of footage in no particular order. Manchester United 98-99 Barcelona 2009-Present Ajax 71-73 Arsenal 2004 Liverpool 70s Bayern Munich 01 Real Madrid 02 Ajax 95 Chelsea 08 (very strong team that abramovich ruined imo) Juventus 95ish-97ish
  3. i'd rather eat a bag of resin than listen to the spare parts on talkSPORT.
  4. MJD

    Away Games

    Haha, i think i know who you mean, it was all one massive incident, another guy is still inside atm aswell. and yeah, well i speak to you sooner, about hopefully meeting up before the game or sumet so i can get acquainted and actually go somewhere without feeling a pleb before games.
  5. MJD

    Away Games

    haha, Wasnt anyone by the name of Lawrence James, or Rossi or Clinton Reid was it? and yeah, well im in leeds for an 18th this weekend, im going birmingham, and wigan away on the 2nd of Jan is on my birthday so im going that, so obviously speak closer to the times of that.
  6. MJD

    Away Games

    Manc-mag, we have spoke before, did you have a sister who went out with a lad from crewe? something like that.. i know a fair few toon fans but none who'd id particularly wanna go a game with, and i live about a 5 minute walk from the station towards the alex's ground, that way.
  7. MJD

    Away Games

    Im from Crewe, and i've only got one or two pals around me who supoort the boys, but not pals who you'd go the games with, just wondered if anyone would mind me tagging along especially in the north west area, and some home games aswell, rather than me going on my one like i do like a prat. im 18 aswell so i wont be in danger of stopping the boozing... many thanks
  8. Very interesting reading this argument makes, especially whilst im stuck in my dead-end job, anyway, pardew out, fortunately/unfortunately i cant make saturday, but fuck me the twat is just llambias and ashley rolled into a supposed manager, first post in about 73 years aswell so be nice to me.
  9. I'm pending. Enckleman McCoombe Cech St. Ledger Bruce Esajas Smith Boyd Addison Sears Fryatt
  10. MJD


    My 5800 plays up a bit. like for no reason the camera stops working, or the signal will go for a minute or so. but it doesn't turn itself off,
  11. Mate's the spit of David Coulthard, including chin/jaw
  12. MJD


    my computer stalled, so i clicked post a few times to speed it up, and it added 3 of the facebook footballers post's, and i couldn't delete them, so had to edit them! looks like i had a mad little burst of topic starting.
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