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  1. Odd people

    Daft Michael. When i worked in Greggs in Shields when i was at College, he used to shout through the door all the time. Proper loon!
  2. Don't get me wrong, i had a wry smile when they went down with the 15 and 19 points or whatever it was . They look like they just won the Champions League on that picture like, fuckin cringeworthy!
  3. Just having a scan through this thread then this image pops up... I'd actually be fucking embarrassed if we ever went on like that upon hearing about a Sunderland relegation. Question for the mackems: Are you lot actually proud of this image?
  4. Evening all

    How's it gan yeez lot? Wondering if anyone remembers a load of compilation NUFC videos done by a lad called Pedro and if they're still kicking about online?
  5. Funny pictures thread

  6. Evening all

    No idea who you are. Did you drive an Astra cabriolet? Nah, not me bonny lad! Or is this one of the famous Toontastic in jokes? Thompers? that was him...I think Apologies Nee bother mate! I remember a Thompers from when i used to post. Name nicking cunt!
  7. Evening all

    Ah yes, that name rings a bell! Not sure if you hated me.. Just thought there, it's been 10 years (i think) since i first signed up on here.. Was the old linxdriven.net board made 2001?
  8. Evening all

    No idea who you are. Did you drive an Astra cabriolet? Nah, not me bonny lad! Or is this one of the famous Toontastic in jokes?
  9. Evening all

    I used to have them too, but they're on the computer at me Mam and Dads, pain!
  10. Evening all

    No idea who you are.
  11. Evening all

    Legend mate, cheers
  12. Evening all

    No doubt on Youtube by now? Cannit see them bud. Was hoping for a list of them, as there's one i wanna watch - but can't remember the title!
  13. Evening all

    Cheers Dales. Much appreciate your help
  14. World Press pictures of the year

    The first lass really needs to stop sniffing speed like.
  15. nufc.com

    If you take out temporary managers, without sounding like Happy Face the average life span of a toon manager is 61 Premiership games, shocking when you look at it like that. Well you're wrong. What an arsey cunt.
  16. nufc.com

    As Peasepud said, Biffa lives in up here.. Divn't kna about the other lad like, always presumed he lived local an all.
  17. nufc.com

    I'm sure neither of them live in Birmingham, mind.
  18. Another zany mackem stickin it to the Mags, oh their wit astounds me!
  19. I remember the black Naf Naf puffer jackets most like, proper 90s tastic
  20. Tell a lie, they weren't naf naf http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypercolor
  21. The Naf Naf t-shirts that changed colour when you breathed on them were all the rage when i was a bairn haha, i never had one though
  22. Are they the ones that sold out earlier this year or was it the red ones with the black stripes? I remember trying to get some a week or so after they came out and couldnt find them anywhere... The very same mate. Found these in Size on Carnaby Street in London. Wanted the original colourway like, but i reckon the ones i got are nicer! Dunno how long they're ganna be around for like! Scotts in the Toon had them in a few weeks ago i think!
  23. Are my most recent purchase.. Reckon the next will be Call of Duty: Black Ops
  24. 8th in the 1st Division, 1988.

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