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  1. Coronavirus

    Interesting out of Japan: "Two masks, no lockdown: Japan PM's latest coronavirus step riles social media." https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-japan-masks-idUSKBN21K0CQ 71 Deaths so far 126 Million population 26% of that over 65 (US 16% and Italy 23%)
  2. Coronavirus

    Don't worry, Kuenssberg will be the on the ball tomorrow with her first question and ask that and pressure them.
  3. Coronavirus

    Good stuff Troops, keep positive mate
  4. Coronavirus

    https://9now.nine.com.au/60-minutes/china-cover-up-coronavirus-12-missing-days-wuhan-60-minutes/d8426648-f9b3-4439-9089-b733b8e4a6c5?fbclid=IwAR1vGSesPLVCBQ94SAw4WYb_JkFHKny9EbBDfiggO8_ONBjX8bxzk1ndgB8 The Answer is yes
  5. Coronavirus

    & Cuntsberg always gets first question. Fucking sock pupper.
  6. Coronavirus

    Absolutley there needs to be a public enquiry into this.
  7. Coronavirus

    TBH Football is the last thing on my mind. Levy gets a fucking £3m bonus for the football stadium being on time (despite it not) then they furlough their none playing staff but the players are still spunking massive wages. Get to fuck.
  8. Coronavirus

    Was out in the garden earlier and listening to the wireless. They had Carlton Palmer on. He now lives and works in China. Fuck me, he didn't paint a very nice picture at all. He recons Covid started in early November and the measures they took were very strict. He said he got a plane home (to the UK) in December and he was shocked at the lack of testing here. He went back to China and straight away people were on the plane testing, then they had to stay in a hotel over night. Then went back home and they have to send their temperatures in twice a day via an app. They have things on there doors and you're only allowed out 3 times a day and thats for groceries, put the rubbish out or for medical reasons. Fuck me. They asked him when we could finish the season here. He said November.
  9. Coronavirus

    Thought I would have a small lie in this morning as I've been furloughed. Got a phone call from my line manager 15 minutes ago asking when some work would be finished.......errrr you tell me pal. I'm not fucking touching it.
  10. Coronavirus

    I see the fucking farmers are moaning and wanting to bring in migrant workers the tory loving cunts.
  11. Coronavirus

    That's a good point tbh. Noted
  12. Coronavirus

    I got put on furlough today, ffs. Oh well at least I can go out...... Oh....... On a serious note I've been thinking about volunteering but seriously shitting me pants about it. I know it's a little selfish. I was thinking of maybe volunteering at the local pharmacy to deliver meds to people.
  13. Coronavirus

    Gemmill for World leader I say. Haaaaiiillll Gemmill
  14. Coronavirus

    Does this increase include the new counting method?
  15. Coronavirus

    The numbers coming out of Spain is bonkers
  16. Coronavirus

    But that would mean they would have to be tested?
  17. Coronavirus

    They mentioned the lack of an exit strategy today and I think they will look at that when it looks like it's possible it can happen. At the moment of course the attention is elsewhere. Although according to the chart we locked down before Italy. I know a couple of Italians and they said they needed to get the army involved ASAP as the Italians have little respect for authorities. If they don't go in heavy handed they will just ignore it.
  18. Coronavirus

    BTW Gloom is that an up to date graph?
  19. Coronavirus

    I think comparing ourselves to Italy we have to take some considerations in. They have a lot older population than us and we have moved to create these extra mobile hospitals a lot quicker than them. Granted they did a lock down quicker than us though.
  20. Coronavirus

    What makes you say that? I'm encouraged that the rate isn't exponentially increasing the last few days. Fingers crossed.
  21. Coronavirus

    I was listening to the wireless yesterday afternoon. TalkShite to be precise. It had that wank pot on Simon Jordan and for once he spoke sense. He was talking about the Premier League clubs and Sky etc having the golden egg for so long, now it's their time to give back to the lower levels etc. I was thinking the other day when I was working on me bike that when I was a kid watching boxing with me dad on a Saturday night on normal TV. Now fucking everything sport wise is more or less a subscription now. I know we have the license fee to pay, but I can't think of much sport now that isn't subscription. Maybe Horse Racing, but how long before all that's on Sky etc? Could this see a change? I doubt it like.
  22. Coronavirus

    I did briefly see something where he was asking for it.
  23. Coronavirus

    Billionaires like Branson will soon be asking for government help to pay his staff. Cunt should have an injection of Covid put in his eye the disgusting cunt.
  24. Coronavirus

    I was speaking to a mate just now who is a very staunch Labour supporter. He lived through the Thatcher era. I was just a nipper, he had just left school as she was made PM. Fucking hates the Tories with passion. He was saying how it's one rule for one and one for the other with regards to the PM being tested for Covid-19. Now, if it was Corbyn who had been in charge and tested, would he have said the same? I highly doubt it. I have seen some similar posts on here. I know full well these tests should be given to NHS front line workers etc first, but surly the PM who is leading the country should be tested? Or am I thinking too simplistically?
  25. Coronavirus

    Couldn't agree more.

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