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  1. Newcastle make their first competitive visit to Bramall Lane for a decade this coming Thursday night, facing the Blades in a 7.30pm kick-off. All 2,865 away section tickets have been sold, with Magpies followers accommodated in the lower tier of West Stand aka Redbrik Estate Agency Stand. NUFC: Jamaal Lascelles and Matt Ritchie remain sidelined, while Andy Carroll is also unavailable. News of DeAndre Yedlin's fitness is awaited. SUFC: Chris Wilder's side were held 1-1 at Wolves on Sunday, a third consecutive draw extending their unbeaten league run to seven matches. Their home form has been mixed so far; winning three times (Palace 1-0, Arsenal 1-0, Burnley 3-0), drawing once (3-3 Manchester United) and losing three times (1-2 Leicester, 0-1 Southampton and 0-1 Liverpool). Referee: Stuart Atwell (Warwickshire) A third game of the season so far in charge of us and they've all been away from home. Beginning with the 1-3 loss at Norwich City, Atwell then returned for our 3-2 success at West Ham. Andre Marriner mans the VAR controls. .com
  2. Mr Potato Heeds Lads v The Wilder the Better

    Aye again Dubravka pulled some great saves off. Sheff Yoo didnt take their chances in the first half, simples. Sharp the little wanker could have easily been sent off if he had stayed on. It's when things need changing Bruce doesn't have a clue.
  3. Mr Potato Heeds Lads v The Wilder the Better

    Imagine if the ref ignored that cunt Dean and didn't go to VAR.
  4. Mr Potato Heeds Lads v The Wilder the Better

    Joelinton is dog shit
  5. Mr Potato Heeds Lads v The Wilder the Better

    Superb. No doubt they'll blame VAR for that.
  6. Thoughts on Sol Campbell

    Fucking hell. What a shit house.
  7. Politics

    You mean in the same was as they define rough sleeping? I.e if the bloke in the car doesnt see it, it doesnt exist.
  8. Politics

    I went to a local library earlier this year to give some of my old books. Fuck me, they're picky as fuck! Has to be in a certain condition (I get that one and I am fine with that) Has to be of a certain publish date Has to be certain authors etc Mad!
  9. Politics

    My wife's office is doing Secret Santa this year and she's told her team they're doing similar and donating it to a local homeless charity instead. I like this idea too. I have just donated.
  10. Other games 2019/2020

    Seems like he's woken up from his two year slumber
  11. This is the news!

    https://www.nottinghampost.com/news/local-news/residents-infuriated-bus-drivers-bang-3601687?utm_source=twitter.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebar Broken britain
  12. Generic small time football blather thread FOREVER

    So when is Sir Ole getting the boot?
  13. Politics

  14. Yes Gemmill...

    Has #Gibbo been shot yet by MI5?
  15. Mr Potato Heads Lads V The Blue Mancs

    It shows you how they can get up for games like this and when we play teams around us we cant. Says it all with the mentality and motivation for cheesie watsit eating fat cunt.
  16. Politics

    Ah that makes sense then.
  17. Politics

    I dont understand that. The below on Saturday has Con on 43% with no change. Yet the latest one has them on 42% +1?
  18. Yes Gemmill...

    Deffo fake. They're based in barracks down there, why would they need kit for 2 weeks?
  19. New Phone

    My phone is only charging through the USB on my PC. Its an old Samsung S4 mini and I could do with a new phone. I have been on Android for several years now and like it. However not sure what phone to go for next Now I was thinking the Nexus 6P or iPhone 6s. Thoughts?
  20. Terrorism

    They're there still filiming it, fuck me, I would be down on the ground.

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