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  1. We were having this sort of conversation on some Spurs' boards when we were still around the bottom, and the general consensus was it would suck because we've a lot of talented players who simply probably wouldn't want to spend a season in the Championship. I think it's different for Newcastle because you really, really need a top to bottom clear out of your squad. I'd say you could reasonably expect to replace 10-15 members of your first team squad, for the best in the long run. Sucks now for y'all, but you'll probably bounce back up.
  2. Don't say that in front of any Sheffield United fans.....
  3. I'm a little confused by the replies to this thread, which are mostly tounge in cheek. Am I right in thinking y'all are dismissing this dudes claims specifically, or the exsistance or other life forms in the cosmos entirely? If the latter, wow that's pretty arrogant.
  4. Yeah, if you go down you obviously deserve it. Because you went down. Like, if we'd gone done we'd have deserved it as well. Everybody plays the same amount of games.
  5. Suspended eh? You are well rid, tbh.
  6. Wasn't this already included in the Communications Data Act?
  7. Don't believe the hype.
  8. Well, what an eventful weekend. This has probably already been covered but: Howard Webb is a cunt.
  9. I'm guessing you chaps aren't too pleased. Martins looks good though, on the upside.
  10. I have to disagree with that. We've been playing very good football for a couple of months now even when results haven't gone our way.
  11. No, no real ones. I was hoping for a Geordie chick, cause that accent on a woman really does it for me, but alas. And Dr. Kenneth, if you check the match thread in the main forum you'll see I've already predicted a 1-2 Newcastle win. Cause I'm an optimist.
  12. I originally came via a link on a Spurs forum, I can't remember why it was posted there, and saw that there was some decent discussion here. I have the ability to post on another teams forum without being a total wanker, y'see
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