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  1. Fuck. Pompey looked like slot ins for the tricky 3rd relegation spot. I'm getting sick of the number of teams at the bottom getting shot of managers (or them leaving in Keane's case) and their fortunes turning roound! As for Man Shitty, i know they beat the smogs, but that aside they're not doing us any favours beating us then losing to Stoke and Pompey! Considering the cash they've spent in the last 2-3 years they're absolutely shocking! nee need for Kinnear to go , that spineless cunt ashley thinks he's better than that cunt managing england..
  2. can't see the hype over gutierrez.. duff has had a better and far more productive season so far yet praise for him is minimal
  3. based on what logic? yer fucking spineless streak of piss
  4. aye. very fucking funny
  5. as stated in my original post, it's down to how much the fat cunt has fucked up here.
  6. i'd take bruce in the current scenario , don't get me wrong.. just staggering how we've come to accept bruce as the saviour after we'd have been fuming 12 months ago if he was linked
  7. we'd have been fuming at the idea when keegan left... shows how much the fat cunt has fucked up.
  8. cracking! on the other side , both childish fucking cunts
  9. i don't think he's a good manager at all.. leeds' results went downhill when poyet left for spurs and little dennis was left on his own. hope the tedious cunt is bludgeoned to death.
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