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Found 5 results

  1. Saw this on Football 365 Looked at his record vs McClaren. People roundly (and rightly) criticised Steve, they correctly regarded him as a poor manager. but when you compare their records: Record P W D L Win % Allardyce 25 6 6 13 24 McClaren 31 7 6 18 22.6
  2. Has there ever been a bigger arsehole in football than this man? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/...am-winners.html
  3. I'm no fan of Margaret Thatcher at all!!! I'm a left-leaning labour man. But Sam Allardyce is blaming Margaret Thatcher for spoiling English football, by stopping the payments to teachers to coach young players, after school. http://fourfourtwo.com/news/england/82350/default.aspx Utterly ridiculous! Why doesn't Allardyce demand that club owners stop paying their players and managers so much money, and give the difference to teachers to train, after school. Allardyce should think about this in his luxury villa in Spain. As a left-leaning Labour man, this kind of hypocritical armchair socialist talk makes me want to vomit.
  4. Blackburn Rovers boss Sam Allardyce reckons Newcastle United fans do the club no favours. Allardyce endured a torrid time at St James’s Park and believes the rabid supporters of the Tyneside club are more of a hindrance than a help. He told the Sunday Mirror: "Fan pressure there is hostile towards the players. They don’t really support the team as they should, they’re very critical and the players can’t handle that. “That’s what Scott Parker couldn’t cope with. He said he couldn’t play at Newcastle. “Gary Speed told me when I went up there that it’s a very difficult place to play your football. If the fans don’t take to you, you’re knackered. “I had spent a huge amount of time recreating a football club that needed recreating. That was behind the scenes, with an induction of staff who had moved with me. “We’d created a whole new working environment, but that staff got dismantled over the next six months – the club appreciated nothing and started all over again.” http://www.clicklancashire.com/sport/black...nited-fans.html? ------------------------------------------------------- I really do find this gobshite tiresome. I'd have more respect for him if he just kept his mouth shut and moved on, but he's still trying to justify the past. He should just get over it, it didn't work out and enough said.
  5. Allardyce close to breaking point at Newcastle By Mark Ogden Last Updated: 9:53pm GMT 26/12/2007 Wigan Athletic (0) 1 Newcastle United (0) 0 Having been subjected to nothing short of a savaging by his own club's supporters as his team suffered one of their more depressing defeats of a turbulent season, manager Sam Allardyce treated his Newcastle United players to a similarly stinging rebuke after Ryan Taylor's second-half free-kick pushed him closer to the precipice at St James' Park. Booed en masse by the 5,000 travelling supporters when he merely caught a ball on the touchline, and treated to chants of "Shearer, Shearer" by the disillusioned Geordies, Allardyce opted to go on the front foot in an effort to restore his authority and shift the spotlight of blame on to his failing players. It is a risky tactic. Dressing-room discontent has already been mooted on Tyneside, but if the players are unhappy, they will be even more so after having their commitment, desire and quality questioned by Allardyce - rightly so in most cases - after this woeful performance. "I don't blame the fans. If I was one of them, I'd be singing what they were singing because it just wasn't good enough," Allardyce admitted. "I'm a top man in my field and I know it's not good enough. They have been watching for long enough, so it doesn't take them long to realise it isn't good enough as well. They are not daft. "These are the players that I've got, but too many are showing me what they are about on the bad side of the game. In the end, some of the individuals in my team failed to live up to their reputations. "The level of form that they drop to is unacceptable, but they have to accept the pressure and use it as a positive, not shrivel and die. Roll your sleeves up and go and fight because we can't rely on ability alone." advertisement Mike Ashley, the Newcastle owner, probably kept a dignified silence when the supporters alongside him in the away enclosure at the JJB Stadium began to vent their anger at Allardyce by chanting Shearer's name towards the end of this dismal defeat. Ashley might have bitten his tongue, but he would not have been able to cover his ears to blank out the discontent. Allardyce has lost the support of the demanding Newcastle public, who continue to adore former club captain Shearer, and he will not win it back if his side continues to play as badly as they did against Steve Bruce's team, who escaped the bottom three for the first time since October thanks to Taylor's second-half goal. "We're s*** and we're sick of it!" was another chant aimed in Allardyce's direction after Taylor's 20-yard free-kick. Too many of Allardyce's charges let him down, but changing a manager is easier than shipping out 20 players and that is Allardyce's problem - and Ashley's. # Football fans' forum For Bruce, only a month into his job at the JJB, the honeymoon period is still in full swing, however, and the former Birmingham manager is now confident that his team can escape relegation. He said: "A month away, we looked adrift with Derby, but we have now shown that we have the stomach for the fight. Let's hope we can stay out of the bottom three all the way now."
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