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  1. Oooh are we going to Brighton Marine world?
  2. Shock win for us, 2 losses in a short space for Pep - he gets hounded out and the media focus on the city circus for a while. Hey - a guy can dream.
  3. At this point im just resigned to the fact we'll have the fat bastard camped in until at least the end of the season. My 'Optimism' has moved on to: "now this charade is over, maybe rafa will get some money and wont leave at the end of the season!" However Im fully aware Ashley will want to drag this on as long as possible to avoid having to let rafa bring anyone in this window
  4. Caulkin saying that he's been informed by her people that created company is NOT NUFC related. I mean, i guess they would say that, but still.
  5. And a shelvey red card for 2nd yellow. Fantastic. (course their lad that got a yellow and 30 seconds later immediately ploughed through the back in an arial challenge was fine) Just cannot get the rub with decisions or shots lately, even when we play not terrible
  6. Sunderland style climb post Janurary for us this season it seems
  7. guaranteed the standard rooney penalty incoming as well, need at least 3 goals if we are gonna nick this at this rate!
  8. officiating continues to go against us at every opportunity, and we genuinely need someone to come in as a prem quality striker. So. Same old.
  9. Has perez forgotten how to tackle? lad wants to play rugby more nowadays it seems!
  10. 100% with you. Similar to the Rafa appointment - its one of those things that i would rather wake up one morning and go 'Holy shit, Rafas our manager! / Ashley sold the club! / Diame remembers how to play football!' completely out the blue and against all odds, than to try and put all the pieces together making 2+2=5 and then getting disappointed.
  11. Chronicle reporting that ashley has reduced his asking price for the club from more than £450million to around £380m in an attempt to attract interest. Could he really actually be trying to shift it now? I mean its from chronicle like so he's probably actually renamed the tea lady sports direct, but..
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