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Are you going to have your say on Sunday?


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At the match on Sunday, what will be your reaction to a goal against, a defeat, a poor performance, a lack of efforty, a lack of heart?


Will you let your feelings be known?


Who will you direct your anger towards (if any)?


The players?


Those who played poorly?


The manager?


The Chairman?


The Referee?


Fellow fans?


Everything and everyone?


I think we'd all love to be cheering at the final whistle but even the most optimistic of us, which I am one, will be fearing the worst at St. James' Park so it could get ugly.


Will this be the day where we all say enough is enough?


Spookily I'm listening to "Won't be fooled again" by The Who as I write.


Aye reet!

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Sadly not enough people will get involved in clear, direct and organised chants and it will end as usual with booing which tells nobody anything.


It needs 50,000 to unite or at least half that) and chant Souness out non stop every home game till the cunt is removed from this club and prevented from his one man mission to turn us into complete shite.


Shepherd is invariably going to dump Souness if he thinks all the fans hate him and want him out. Once he's gone if people then want to go after Shepherd hismelf they can.


But i expect mainly booing and a few chants started but going nowhere against the manager/board.

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Alos people should never underestimate quite how much Souness has strangled the life and soul out of everybody who loves the toon to the point at which no matter how shite it gets a sort of apathy takes over and people don't get furious where they should and he gets away with it because really we all just feel like lying down and pretending none of this has really happened.

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