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  1. So the January sales start today

    surely we should be buying somebody this month !!
  2. According to the beeb we need......

    Emre isn't good enough. Neither is Geremi.
  3. Ameobi

    future England player a few years ago according to the dopey fucks on here
  4. LeazesMag is a...

    haha, I like this site, there are so many clueless morons on it and changing posts and avatars is proof of it
  5. HuntingToon

    a good summing up of this post.
  6. Craig Bellamy Signs for Liverpool

    Spot on.
  7. Craig Bellamy Signs for Liverpool

    aye, we are better off with Owen
  8. Souness is such a contrary fucker...

    meaning we are doomed to mid table oblivion
  9. Tell me about Sunderland.....

    It's our derby, but to be fair derbies such as Rangers v Celtic are based on other emotions and as such more than likely make them different. The bigotry factor of these games elevates them above the normal derby games in England. It doesn't excuse the fact that it's between 2 pretty average teams though. Normally these matches decide the league too. You can't say that about any derby game in England
  10. Songs Played At Your Funeral?

    What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong
  11. Souness Vs Shepherd

    Souness has been rubbish at every other club not just here, so it must be Souness
  12. Are you going to have your say on Sunday?

    very possible that like
  13. chat up lines

    whats your best ones that work a. with a stranger b. someone at work or college etc

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