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The Peep Show Appreciation Thread


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just found out series 2 is being released in November on DVD, can't wait as this show really is a true gem, i'm just glad it hasn't really caught on and become the in-thing to watch and has a sort of cult status....


my favourite episode has to be the one with "The Johnson"


"just me you, some chinese takeaway and a pile of big fuck off spreadsheets!"



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"Oh, right. I see. I get it. You were lampooning me. It was a simple lampoon. "


"Life's all pain. Pain, gloom and misery... Hey, 33% extra free. I am doing excellent shopping. My depressed state of mind means being even more frugal than usual."


It's class.

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Isn't Sophie the gerbil faced one that the fat one is in love with?


You have no taste.




She was also 'Bev' in a shit car loan advert.





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