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  1. RIP Pav. His poor family, at Christmas time and all.
  2. Get in Bridget! That poll though. Nick Robinson couldn't stop himself from grinning, the fucking bullingdon cunt. Here's hoping it's wrong.
  3. I'm fed up with all the acting awards going to biopics. It's not an impressions award
  4. He said he was talking to himself about staying humble. Who knows what he actually meant when he tweeted, but that guardian article has made up its own mind. He's still a dick though. Re that other cunt KP he wouldn't have stopped our bowlers haemorrhaging runs against Australia or New Zealand. There's a lot wrong with the England ODI side that hasn't been fixed by dropping Cook and wouldn't be fixed by picking the saffer.
  5. Hello everyone. Happy New Year I just thought I'd pop in to let you know what a fat bastard I am. 12 stone and 5'10. It doesn't sound like a lot but I've got a proper gut on me. bloody Christmas. 2015 will involve a lot of salad
  6. Don't think there'll be many books written about this season by Liverpool fans (there were EIGHT written about last year apparently http://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2014/nov/22/liverpool-suffering-luis-suarez-title-crystal-palace )
  7. Budapest Gone Girl Dawn of the planet of the apes Gravity Sin City 2 (purely for Eva Green). I think the only others I've seen are 12 years a slave (which I found pretty boring) Lego movie (which was ok) and Lucy (fucking shit).
  8. ??? When he was fit he was a quite a player for us. I agree I'd have never picked him or Bramble as being interested in coaching, fair palsy to them.
  9. Rodgers was booed as gamble of fielding a weakened team in Madrid doesn't pay off. We can go above them if we beat West Brom. Loving Liverpool's struggles, couldn't happen to a nicer manager or team.
  10. It'd be fucking great if we relegated Villa after 2009. When do we play them?
  11. Rodgers being heavily criticised for his team selection. Resting players for a game at the Bernabau seems a bit shit really. Mind you if it's good enough for Pardew..
  12. Chuffed for Pakistan, it must be shit to have all their games played abroad, and with all the spot fixing hoo har of recent years. And they did it without Ajmal, a big player for them until the ICC bothered to check if he chucked it.
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