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Hatful Of Hollow

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  1. Radiohead - Lift
  2. guy at work reckons its awsome. its all open plan he said like gta one big map. It is open plan, although very barren, there are rocks aplenty aswell, which you can only go round, rather than over. Enemies you kill at checkpoints/guard points respawn aswell, which can be annoying.
  3. It makes it true because you say it is? He's a quality player, and would even better in a good side. He of little technique, the try harder......... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16Hd2ErjN6A The Arsenal goal at Highbury The comments on that video are hardly glowing, they mainly suggest that he he's been poor for the last 2 years.
  4. Nice bump...
  5. Happy Mondays - Kuff Dam
  6. "I gotta lotta problems with you people!"
  7. What drink did you go as like? I'm very sorry that was terrible. Anyway, I akways have Bovril on toast, lursh.
  8. Seeing that site is the single most incredible thing that has ever happened to me, phenomenal.
  9. RJD2 - Ghostwriter
  10. The fucking irony!
  11. I've been crying out for a thread that combines Kid Rock and Aldi, thank the lawd.
  12. Continuing the Youtube theme, the genius of director Michel Gondry. For some reason I can't view videos on Youtube but the ones linked here are working fine.
  13. Not been the same since the loss of Deayton. Good guests on QI like, no Jo Brand or the such.