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Susie's closed


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Ladies & Gentlemen. Susie has left the scene


Yes folks, this really IS the end. Doubt it all you want, post on other messageboards proclaiming this whole thing a joke or a wind-up all you want but no this site is no more.


We have closed it because of personal reasons. Not because we have a new design to throw upon you, not for some ego trip to see what people really thought about the site, no. We closed because we have commitments in our personal lives that we realise can not come second best to a website.


The site won't change hands either. As we've already said, we feel that cutting ties completely is the only way we could move forward and we'd end up coming back to the site if it was still online.


I ask that everyone respects our decisions and put an end to all the conspiracies we've been hearing. We. Are. Closed.


If you wish, you can head to a refugee forum where ex-site members have set-up camp to carry on the banter: Susie forums.


Thanks for the memories. We miss you already.


:razz: Very sad to hear (I loved going on that site)

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