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Newcastle Hotels

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A friend of mine is taking her Boyfriend to Newcastle for the weekend and asked me for Hotels around the £100 a night range. Now seeing as I've never needed to stay in a hotel in Newcastle I figured some of you lot might know a good hotel for that range.


She'd like something central, but obviously when she's talking that price range, she doesn't want a B&B or anything like that :calmdown:


I was thinking the Gateshead Hilton (Yes I know steve it's over the water and therefore if she stays there I'm no longer to allow her in my home without turning around and spitting thrice ) the Mal Maison and the Copthorne... anyone stayed in any of those or have a suggestion for anywhere else?

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Grey Street hotel is definitely worth a look and as the Dr said Jurys Inn is quite nice and a good location. The Thistle is also very nice but I can't remember the price. Pretty sure its around the £100 mark though.

agreed , nice hotel and great location...altho I should not know these things being from the area and not needing to stay there :calmdown:

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Oh shit I have met you before (maybe more than once) :calmdown:


Great :) Show us the pics :(

now Snakey that would just put you right off your supper :)


As J.P McEnroe famously said, YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS??

Oh but I am :icon_lol:


I'll show you mine, if you show me yours!


*goes to find a pic of 'big' John Holmes* :(

:( ok

*goes to find a pic of .......??? I don't know any good looking lady gardens :unsure:

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