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  1. Which part of Tyneside of you from?

    Just popping in to check on the radgies
  2. Which part of Tyneside of you from?

    I think the word is Cesspit
  3. Catmag

  4. Gejon.

    Cheers for putting the Peasepud thought in my head ......... Bleurghh
  5. Gejon.

    Haven't posted here for a long time but felt I had to today after hearing this tragic news . Such a shame and so young , condolences to all his friends and family , RIP Jon xx
  6. JawD & Vimalraja

    A P Birthday n that .............
  7. What mood are you in and why?

    Reflective.......thinking Jaysus how long is it since I've ventured onto TT and it would appear, like MartyMcFly, i am "back" to the future
  8. Catmag

    Hope you had a fab day xxxx
  9. Weekend Plans?

    Off out tonight for " an evening with Suggs" , few beverages in town before and after , be rude not to , most likely at the Gateshead match tommorrow , then to pub to watch ours , then over to St Doms for a Northern Soul night ..........I may just chill on Sunday
  10. EEH whays occurin it's all gone geet fancy n that ????????????
  11. What mood are you in and why?

    Whats the crack with your arm Tom ?? ( no pun intended )
  12. Happy Birthday Radgina!!

    Only that I'm pregnant and don't know who the father is. I thought I warned you about swallowing Mr Hips.........
  13. The General Toontastic Twitter Thread

  14. Happy Birthday Radgina!!

    Cheers chitlins had a canny auld celebration, owt occurin I need to know ????

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